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Today someone tried to steal money from me. It scares me to think that most people would fall for this foolishness but luckily I didn’t! You see I have an item  for sale  on kijiji and yesterday I received an offer via e-mail. This, so far, is normal. I have successfully sold items on kijiji many times and had no issues.  I replied to the offer with an e-mail to them from Paypal guiding them to my account for payment. They replied that they’d make payment ASAP.

What I found strange is that they gave me no shipping instructions or arrangements to pick up this item. That was my first clue to the scam. This morning I got an e-mail from supposedly ‘Paypal’, but it doesn’t name me in the e-mail, it just says Dear member, clue#2! Paypal always uses your name when addressing you! Anyhow this e-mail informs me of a payment to my account but it’s actually $350 more then the offer, clue#3!

I consult my husband who says:” Whoa something is up with that”, let’s look into that further. Next I get an e-mail from ‘Paypal’ invoicing department (supposedly) saying to send a Money Gram for $300 and they will deposit the rest of the payment to my account. Bells and whistles are now going ding, ding, ding…yep sure sign that if someone asks you to send money so that they can send you some, it’s a scam! Also, they kindly ask that you don’t disturb Paypal customer service with any inquiries as they are too busy to handle these calls, and they direct you to an e-mail that goes right back to them!

Of course, I directly call Paypal, who switch me over to the fraud department and inform me that most definitely, this is a scam! They sent me a few tips to look for in the future. Lucky for me, I lost nothing but a bit of time. Here’s what they said:

You’ll know that an email is not from PayPal when:

  • The email uses a generic greeting like “Dear user” or “Hello, PayPal member.” We always address you by your first name and last name or the business name on your PayPal account.
  • The email requests financial and other personal information. For example, an email from PayPal never asks for the numbers of your bank account, debit or credit card, or driver’s license. We also don’t request your email addresses, your full name, your account password, or the answers to your PayPal security questions.
  • The email includes an attachment or a software update to install on your computer.
  • We will never ask you for money in an email, and we will never ask you to send money through Western Union.

Another big scam right now is the computer techs calling to say you have a computer issue. I love this as how would they know. they especially like to prey on the older people who might fall for this as they believe it! I know of one woman who actually let them get on her computer remotely to ‘fix’ her problems! Luckily she got off without much damage but never, ever give anyone access to your computer remotely unless it is a service that you use regularly! they want on your computer to gain access to your personal and banking info, please do not do it!

These people are lazy and trying to make a quick buck off those that are vulnerable. If they put their intelligence to a good cause, they might actually make a difference in this world! Please feel free to comment on any scam tips to help others out!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie



Dear Rob Ford,

I have so many things I’d like to share with you. I know it’s not likely you will see this but perhaps if enough people share this through the social media, maybe you will see it and read it. Here’s hoping!

Sir, first I’d like to tell you that your Ford nation, your very loyal followers, voted for you believing you would make changes in the Mayoral office, but I don’t quite think this is what they had in mind. I’m sure they do appreciate some of the changes you made and are happy for them.  I think it’s a safe bet to say right now they are disappointed. On behalf of Ford Nation, sir, with all due respect, I ask you to please step back and take a much needed break.

On behalf of all Canadians, I’d like to ask you to please go away for rehab, counsel, boot camp, personality transplant, call it what you want but please just go away. I mean no harm to you at all really, I just think the world has bigger, poor choice of words there, I mean more important things to deal with then a spoiled brat that is not able to bully his council anymore. Sir, please go away for the sanity of those around you.

Sir, have you considered that in one of your drunken ‘stupors”, your words, not mine, that a serious calamity could have happened and you would have been seriously impaired in your decision making? Have you considered this? It could have been a plane crash, school shooting, terrorism, anything really and what are you doing? You were downing a bottle of vodka in two minutes. That may be impressive when you are in College to some people but not so much when you are mayor. Sir, you need to step back NOW and go away for the safety of the Toronto citizens!

Rob, I am pleading to the father in you, I know he’s in there, this is a teachable moment for you and your children. You can teach them that Right Fighting is the way to handle these sitautions or you can teach them that a man steps up when he makes mistakes, owns them and I mean owns them not just by saying get over it, but makes amends and gets help to make himself a better man, husband, son, father, leader of Canada’s biggest city! Sir, please go away now for your children.

Rob, I am looking for the husband in you. You have embarrassed your wife, you have shamed her by talking publicly about your intimate bedroom doings. I speak on behalf of most people in the entire world here when I say, I don’t need to know that kind of information about you and your wife. Seriously, what were you thinking? You need to go away and do some thinking as obviously you haven’t been thinking! Sir, please go away to think.

Rob, I know you love your brother very much, and you respect his opinion highly. If you want the respect of your brother again, you need to walk away with your head high and just go get help, rest, whatever you want to call it. There is no shame at all in seeking help, in fact, people, including your brother, would be proud of you if you did get help. Rob, do it for your brother, get help now.

Finally Rob, you need to ask yourself, how is this working for you? Look around you, pack a little bag, kiss the wife and kids good-bye and just go. You and so many will be grateful for it. When you come back healthy, looking and feeling better, behaving in a  respectful manner, as a Mayor should, then we’d be able to respect you again. It is possible, it can happen. Take one step at a time and just do it.

Sincerest pleadings,

Sweet Marie

It’s the long weekend, for some they call it the May 2-4, but it’s only May 17th tomorrow so I don’t know if that applies this year! What does long weekend mean for you? Will you be a lazy daisy and read a book in the sun or on the beach? Why don’t you take a ride to my place?

I have a busy weekend planned so be warned if you plan to drop on by! I will put you to work! First we have to open the pool, a right of passage and it’s not spring until it’s open in my eyes! It’s usually done by now but it’s been so cold so we put it off a week or two! So, stopping by tomorrow works for me…I’m just saying!

Then again if Saturday is better for you, we will be in the garden making the yard all pretty for you to all visit this summer! We have gardens to weed, propagate, and thin out! So please do stop by and get some seedlings! Bring your gloves too..we could use the help…I’m just saying!

There’s all that lawn furniture that needs to come out too, bring your muscle man when you visit, he’ll come in handy when we need to get out the chimney for our long toasty campfires in the summer time! You know the ones where we roast sausages, marshmallows and occasionally pop corn? So wear comfy shoes and put on your sunscreen, I’m just saying!

While you’re here, might as well give the windows a wash! They look mighty dirty from all that winter gunk! How does that happen? It doesn’t matter to me if you choose to use paper towels or newspapers, whatever you like, I’ll supply it! Just wear old clothes so that you’re comfy, there are a lot of windows to do! I’m just saying!

Since you’ll be working so hard, I guess I can come up with a bit of lunch for you? How about a nice spicy turkey burger with a giant pickle and a side of potato salad and a nice cold glass of sun-tea? Sounds good? Come on over, the grill is on! I’m just saying!

Have a safe, fun and fulfilling long weekend… I’m just saying!

Sweet Marie

Last night I watched an episode of Lisa Ling’s that we had PVR’d and it was all about childhood obesity! It was originally aired in January but we were away and only now catching up with all these PVR’d shows! I was frightened to hear that 1 in 3 children in America is overweight and 1 in 6 is obese! That is outrageous in this day and age! We are supposedly in the time of information. Information is available at all times, why are we not getting it? People do your research!

There was one 12-year-old girl on there that was 350 lbs, hello? I get that as a mother we don’t want to admit that our child has an issue but really are we not setting them up for failure in the future? It is almost certain that she’ll be obese as an adult now! We need to snap out of it and wake up! We’ve got our heads buried in the sand and we need to help these kids out! I know how difficult it is to stay healthy as an adult, imagine a child having the parent buying pop tarts, chips and ice cream, what are they to do? It’s all about education, stop buying the crap!

I have a 12-year-old niece that I saw on the weekend at our Easter celebration. Her weight had got as high as 190 lbs, when she walked in, I did not recognise her! She has lost 43 lbs so far, and she is doing this all on her own! She finally decided that this is enough and stopped eating junk! She does Pilates every morning, eats 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks every day and she walks after school! By doing it right, she is setting herself up for success! She looks amazing and is feeling great! She tells me she has more energy, is happier and all around feeling better! Now if a 12-year-old can do it, I can! My 12-year-old niece has inspired me to get into better shape. I like to think that I am fit but the truth is, I am still overweight. With her inspiration, I can do it!

My dear readers, if you have an overweight child, please open your eyes and help them out! Get a doctor’s advice and find yourself a good nutritionist! If your child cries for more food, as the  100 lb 4 year-old did on Lisa Ling’s special, then hand them a piece of fruit or veggie sticks! Don’t hand them a Twinkie because you feel bad, you are not helping them! You feeling guilt is what got them fat in the first place! A small child does not need a lot of food, it needs healthy veggies,proteins, fruits and exercise, that’s all! And no sodas! What is wrong with a glass of water? Give them water or milk but please limit the juice and no pop! A small child should not even know what pop taste like!

Ok now I am preaching, but really if you can catch Lisa Ling’s special, it will open your eyes and perhaps you can save a child! To my beautiful Leah, I am so very proud of you, you go girl!

Healthiest regards,

Sweet Marie


Wiarton Willie, I have a bone to pick with you! You promised us an early end to this erratic cold winter! I think you should be held accountable, perhaps you’ll only get fed once a day or worse, put out to the wild!

I don’t know about the rest of Canada but I, for one, am fed up with this cold, cold weather! Last year on this day it was 28C and today it was something like -11 with the wind chill factor! That is not right! I am going to write a petition! Haven’t figured out who to send it to yet,but I bet I’d get a lot of signatures!

Seriously people, I had to brush the snow off my car today! It is March 22nd! We should be seeing crocus soon, how can we, with snow on the ground? I am ready for some sunshine and flowers and rainbows, come on spring!

Today I was treated to a delicious lunch by Yvonne and thank goodness for that! She cheered me right up with her potato chip crusted chicken breasts and yummy salad!  I can certainly understand how people in the far north get very little daylight and go a little crazy by winter’s end, I mean I GET IT!!!

Is it just me feeling this way people? I mean Ellen’s reruns are just not cheering me up! I look forward to next week’s show from Australia, that should be nice and sunny! Oh how I miss that Australian sunshine and the friendly folk too! No wonder people from Australia are so friendly, they have sunshine 365 days of the year! What’s not to love?

Well, I hope that you find sunshine soon and perhaps next week I will feel more forgiving towards Willie but right now, I want him dealt with!

Mopey thoughts,

Not so Sweet Marie

Here in Canada, we have parking spots for the disabled. We mark these spots with blue or whites painting lines, perhaps even a wheelchair is stenciled in the blue or white to make it very obvious for people who the spot is intended for. Do you have this in your country? I know I’ve seen it in the U.S. and in Mexico too.

People requiring these parking spots must go through the red tape with their doctor and the ministry to get them. They do not hand them out in bubble gum machines so it is not our job to wonder why people have them, it is our job to park elsewhere if we don’t have the permit!

Never-the-less, there will always be a selfish, thoughtless and heartless individual who comes along and steals that spot because ‘they’ll only be a minute’ or ‘they’re just waiting for someone’. If you have done this in the past, know the next time that you do it, you are taking that spot from a vet who has shrapnel in his leg so that you’d have the freedom to park your car, or from a woman who is someone’s grand-mother and likely may fall on the way to the store because she had to park so far away.

On Friday I was with a woman who requires such a pass and as I was turning into a disabled spot, someone pulled into that spot ahead of us. He had no parking permit, he was only waiting on someone. My dear friend who is an army vet, got out of her car, walked over to him and gave him some grief for it. Did he move, you ask? No, he’s too selfish for that. We had to leave the store before she was finished shopping as she was tired from all the walking in the lot!

You may ask why not drop someone off at the door? Well, I’d answer that not everyone is able to be dropped off. Some people need protection at all times. In the time that you can go and park a car, they could wander off and get hurt or worse, fall while standing there waiting!

So, if you are blessed enough to be able to walk, park your car a bit farther next time and leave the disabled spots for those needing them. It’s not right, it’s disrespectful and incredibly selfish of you to use them unlawfully!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie

Just after midnight on July 21st, a young man dressed in black armor from head to toe, calmly walked in a side entrance to a Colorado theatre filled with people, there to view the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. He then tossed in two canisters of gas to stun the people, then oped fire on those trying to escape!

Twelve people were killed and 59 injured, all of the movie viewers scarred for life. James Holmes, a 24 year-old neuroscience grad, an intelligent man, a man who seemingly has no previous history of violence, emotionless while he KILLED these people. Do you wonder why? Do you wonder how? I sure do.

One of the young women killed was Jessica Ghawi, a 24 year-old aspiring sportscaster who had narrowly dodged death a month earlier in the Toronto Eaton Center Massacre! She was with a friend watching the movie together, he leaned over to apply pressure to the gunshot wound to her leg and she got shot again, this time fatally to the head. I cannot imagine his horror or the horror of all of the movie goers. These people were simply out to catch a flick together!

The other thing I try to remember is this young man, this brutal, emotionless man, has a family. He has a mother and a father. Put yourself in their shoes without judgement for just a minute. Would you not for a minute be thinking, dear Lord what could we have done to stop this? What did we miss? How could we have created and raised this monster? I really feel for them, I do and I pray that they won’t be judged or harmed because of their son’s actions. He’s a grown-assed man and definitely knows better.

I know he knows better a) because he has a BA in neuroscience, they don’t put those in bubblegum machines and b) he wore armor from head to toe. He had a bullet-proof vest on, throat armor, groin armor, leggings and an armor helmet. He knew exactly what he was doing.

There is rumour that he had coloured his hair red like the Joker, the villain in the Batman movies. There is no proof to this but still I find it disturbing. They put his mug shot in the Toronto Star and he’s actually smiling, what are you on Buddy?

To make matters worse, he rigged his apartment with explosives knowing he’d get caught and that the police would set them off when they entered. Luckily, somehow, they knew ahead of time. They evacuated the buildings nearby and sure enough, the apartment was riddled with soda bottles, explosives and wires everywhere.

Ironically, his neighbor from the floor below him had called the police to complain about the loud music coming from his apartment, but they said there had been a gunman open fire at the theatre so they couldn’t spare an officer to check out a minor noise complaint. She decided to go up and talk to him and found the door unlocked, and nobody answering but decided not to enter. She had a guardian angel working overtime right then and there! He had set the music to a timer, to go off when the massacre started. This was a well-planned plot of his. Luckily, she did not enter.

My heart goes out to all the families and friends of those deceased, those injured and for all those that attended the movie. They will all be affected and I pray for their peace, and I hope you all will join me in those prayers. To the family of the James Holmes, the gunman, I pray for you as well, that you may have answers and peace as well.

Deepest regards,

Sweet Marie