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Recently I have had the pleasure of seeing all of my grand-kids in their finest form! I love it when they say something so innocently and I just crack up. Sometimes I need to keep a straight face as you wouldn’t want them to think you are laughing at them but really, it’s tougher some days to not laugh! Here’s a few examples:

Saturday night we had Heidi and Blake for a sleepover, over dinner Heidi was telling us that her teacher had been off sick a big part of the week and that made her sad. Blake, her almost 4 year-old brother jumps in and says “her teacher has a frog in her froat, she was having breakfast and the frog just jumped in!” he continues to say that she won’t be back till they get that frog out! You try not laughing at that!

That same night as Blake is dressing into his jammies, Pepe reminds him to put clean underwear on, Blake checks his unders and says but Pepe, there’s no poop marks! Pepe did not hold back the laugh this time, he let it rip in fact!

Evy, our darling 20 month old grand-daughter is learning new words everyday to our delight. Her favorite is ‘don’t’, um you figure she’s hearing that much? So on Friday, I was chatting with Mel on the phone, Holly is having her bag of lentil chips ( I know, why?) and Evy is trying to get some, of course Holly says “Don’t Evy” …fast track to a few minutes later, Holly is off doing something and Mel tries to sneak a chip and Evy catches her.. “Momma DON’T”! Yep, she was caught and Evy used the term in the right context, I thought it was funny enough to share.

Holly loves to dress up and has one of those trunks full of dress up clothes, she comes out in full ensemble with the tiara and all, and Mel says “Wow, you are a beautiful princess” and Holly’s reply? “I’m not a princess, I am the QUEEN!” Yep, she is.

Heidi is our 6 year old genius. At dinner on Saturday while gulping her pizza she says “Yeah when I had my MRI the other day, the Dr. was real nice!” Denis and I just look at each other with concerned looks and I ask why did you have an MRI, did you hurt yourself? She says “Oh Meme, the scientists just wanted to see my brain, it’s really cool, that’s what scientists do!” Um..OK…so of course we questioned Melissa on this and apparently Heidi is in this research study and she did have an MRI and got to take home pics of her brain, and we also found out she is far ahead of her age group in her reading skills, no big surprise to us.

One more, on Thanksgiving weekend we had the kids over and amidst all the last minute rush of getting the food on the table, I had kids running in and out of the kitchen and I said to Heidi “go tell Pepe to feed the dog”. She looked up at me with big sad eyes, like she felt sorry for me, and I said what? She says, “but Meme you don’t have a dog.” I laughed and told her we were caring for Allie, the neighbor’s dog! I heard Phew behind me and realized the girls were holding their breath thinking I had lost my mind or something! Too funny.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now, ask a child a question and you will get an honest answer!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


On the weekend we had the pleasure of caring for all four of our grand-kids in one night! Can you say , Oh MY!? Oh yeah baby, all four of them! They range in age 6 down to 16 months! I was busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger! Good grief, if I wasn’t cooking for them, I was doing the dishes! Honestly, I don’t know how my mother cared for 8 of us! I had my husband help out and he’s a real team player this guy! He was in there getting just as dirty as me!

Heidi and Blake arrived first. They were so excited as this was their very first sleepover with both Holly and Evy. They were full of questions and just about every five minutes asked me what time would they arrive! When Holly and Evy did arrive, Heidi went running down the driveway towards Holly who was running at full steam to Heidi, and she being the littler one, jumped up into Heidi’s arms! It was a sight to see, I have to say! Those two little cousins adore one another. Blake who is the same age as Holly was just as happy to see her and greeted her with a bit of a shy hug. I thought to myself, well we are off to good start at least!

Denis entertained them in the backyard while grilling some hot dogs and I was inside getting the rest of our candle-lit dinner on the table! Just because Mom and Dad’s are having fun doesn’t mean we can’t! We had our fancy hot dog and fries, candle-lit! Of course all they wanted to do was blow out the candles! Kids! Everyone devoured their dinner and were treated with Popsicles for dessert and my banana no-sugar cookies! They seemed to go over well enough. Evy thought they were great!

After dinner, we took them to our local park to play and in the process hopefully tire them out! Well, they played all right! They ran, they jumped, they slid, they chased each other, they threw a ball around, they kicked it, oh my, you name it and they did it! What fun! By the time we were headed home I realized they were filthy and I thought oh boy, how am I going to bathe 4 of them? I should have known they’d know what to do!

So when we got home I got the bath running and I started with Evelyn’s bath, I was washing her up and when out of the corner of my eye, I thought I spotted a bunch of naked kids giggling! Yep, I did! There they were waiting their turns! Oh dear! so Heidi jumped in and I handed off Evy, then Holly jumped in and then at some point I know Blake did too but really I lost all track of who washed what! In the end they were all wet so I figured I must have got them all! I didn’t even attempt to wash hair!

Well, bath time was done so I gave Evelyn a little cereal and fruit and she was ready for bed! While I was doing that Denis was outside setting up a campfire for the three older ones, and they couldn’t have been more excited! I got Evy down without so much as a peep out of her, I said Night-night Evy and she closed her eyes, twirled her hair and off to dreamland she went! Phew, one down, three to go I thought to myself! I took a few minutes to pick up toys and get the dishes in the dishwasher sadly so that I could have a second to myself! It wasn’t lost on me that my mother did this times 2 every single day! I thought of it every time I was asked, Meme what’s for dinner? Trust me, it took control not to say “Horse shit and buttermilk” like good ol’ Mom used to say to us! Can you believe she said that? I know she’s a naughty girl!

So dishes down, floors swept and no more excuses to have time to myself, I joined the campfire to shouts of don’t forget the marshmallows! Then my mothers words spat out of my mouth, “Really is that all I am to you little people, is it all about food?” Denis said yeah that and presents, get the mallows! So he toasted us some nice golden mallows, wow he does get it just right! Of course at 4 a.m. I was awake with a sugar rush from that one marshmallow but it was quiet in the house so who can argue!

Having had a good solid 10 hours of sleep Evelyn decided that today she would be up at 6 a.m. thank you very much! Not only up but she decided she needed company and got Holly and Heidi up too! Really, how we managed to let Blake sleep another hour, I am not sure! So for their first breakfast it was toast and fruit but it was the pancakes and bacon that really hit the high note after Blake and Pepe were up too! Gotta love those kiddos!

Well that’s the long and short of our 4 grand-kid weekend! I hope you were entertained as much as were! Of course we are still tired but with smiles on our faces!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

On Friday I woke up feeling lonely! Denis was away and not expected back till Sunday so I called up the Melanie and said “come on over for lunch”, it didn’t take long for her to agree! I’m pretty sure a free lunch that she didn’t have to make could be about anything at all and she’d come! Who can blame her?  So they came over and we nibbled on salad, soup and I made the girls grilled sandwiches! Evelyn got a grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich which was getting rave reviews. Evelyn is 14 months old and I asked her if the sammich was good and she answers with a whole-hearted “Yesh”, I guess that’s good! Holly got a grilled PBJ and that got me mediocre reviews, I didn’t know Holly had never had jam before! What? What 4-year-old hasn’t had jam? who knew? Jim was loving the ‘chili soup’, I made a pot of soup with chili in mind but didn’t want chili, I wanted soup and it turned out real good! I’ll blog the recipe soon.

After lunch, I told Mel and Jim to go to their errands an I’d play with the girls. I love having the grand-kids to myself! We laughed and giggled and danced,what more can a woman ask for in life? Well, if you’re asking…no I won’t draw up a list!

Evy had a nap while Holly and I painted, then we played play-doh, made a puzzle,  then we watched the Care Bear movie, oh my, we had some fun! The paintings were extra fun as Holly ‘finger’ painted which means she covered her hands in paint then smeared it! Oh my! Thank you God for soap!

Not long after Mel and Jim left, I got a call from Melissa, she was asking what I was doing Saturday for lunch? Gotta love it, I said come on over thinking I’d be home alone again, I was thrilled to have company! Turns out Denis was home early but he was just as happy to see the kids and Melissa as I was! The kids were happy that Pepe was home too as he makes the best KD apparently, I’m ok with that! Blake had to check out Pepe’s new red truck, the sierra! It passed inspection, phew!

Of course when the kids come over they expect craft time, that would be my doing! So we got the markers, the bingo dabber and paper and they went to town! Give a kid a dabber and you’ll be surprised what you end up with! Blake made a pic that looks like a butterfly, very cool! Heidi got out the beads, I need to hide these, what a mess, beads all over! But she made a bracelet and it is lovely!

Well now that they’ve all gone home, I’ve cleaned the mess up and I need a nap! Here’s to those kiddies! I love them with all my heart!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

On Saturday Denis and I babysat the girls, Holly and Evy! Mel and Jim had a big night planned, an overnight date if you will! I remember when our girls were small, Denis and I would look forward to these dates for weeks! We were happy to help out!

So while Denis dropped Mel off at the train station, I got busy with the girls! Lunch was in order so cheezy bread it is, along with some hot dogs, cucumbers, grapes and each a glass of coconut milk, all were happy! Cheezy bread is simply bread with cheese and melted in the microwave! It’s not rocket science but they sure loved it! Hot dogs are not high on my healthy list but what the heck, I threw caution to the wind!

After lunch, I promised Evy a nap and Holly some good old-fashioned ice cream making! So once Evy was settled, Holly and I got cranking! Literally! We made cookies and cream ice cream, it’s not actually ice cream I guess if you’re using almond milk but it is to us! Once we got tired of cranking, we put the motor on and let the machine finish up for us while we watched Barbie’s Thumbelina movie! To be honest, I have no idea what the movie was about as I completely nodded off! But Holly loved it and that is what counts!

For dinner we made spaghetti, again a no-brainer! We try to keep it simple when we have the kids and make things they like! I did make peas and both the girls each and had some, so I figure I did my part! And of course for dessert, we had our ice cream! I even had gluten-free cones on hand to scoop in the ice cream! I gave Evy an empty cone but my dear husband  gave Evy a bit of ice cream and I think we should not have done that as we paid dearly later for it!

Once Evy had her bath she was ready for bed! I swear if she could talk, she would have asked me “what are you waiting for Meme, get me to bed”? So we obliged and put her to bed and Holly had a popcorn snack while watching a bit of telly before bed! We read a couple of stories and ta-da off to la-la land she went as well! I said to Denis, there that’s not so hard is it? I should have kept my mouth shut!!

Little Evy woke up just as we were crawling into bed, and needed to cuddle a bit to calm down, no worries I can do this. I was sitting with her and I had my nose buried in her hair and I thought this why God has babies smell so good, so we don’t lose patience with them! luckily she smelled real good as I did this about five  times throughout the night!

When morning came, Denis got up and made breakfast for Holly as Evy and I were both still asleep! On her last wake-up I just brought her to bed with me and that’s where she stayed till she woke up in the morning! I should have done this the first time! Live and learn!

Heidi and Blake came to visit the girls along with Melissa in the morning and we did an Easter craft together! That’s my sneaky trick to keep them busy, crafts! I did it with my kids and I do it with the grand-kids, they love it and they have something to take home! There’s always a holiday to have a theme around so it’s not that hard to do!

Needless to say, the girls were very happy to see their Mom and Daddy, almost as much as we were! Mel and Jim had fun, recharged their batteries and we had a fun time with our grand-kids, a win-win in our books!

I hope this March break you will have some grand-kid times!

Sweet Marie

Recently I have been spending quite a bit of time with the grand-kiddos and I have had a few giggles! I thought I’d share the love with you all! last week we cared for Heidi and Blake while Mom and Dad took reprieve in the hot and sunny Mexico!

We had 4 days and nights with them and daily I dropped Heidi off at school and then Blake and I would spend the day together! On one such day, Blake was busy entertaining the cat and I was in the kitchen getting ready for dinner or lunch, who can remember and thinking I was by myself, I let a rip-roaring good fart go! I mean, we’re talking thunderous! Blake comes running in the kitchen and says “Is Pepe home?” I just laughed and say “oh sorry, that was me!” to which he replied “Whoa, you fart like a boy!” I loved that, and am still smiling cause of it!

Heidi regaled us nightly of stories of Marco, their new puppy or school or anything at all, as long as she had the floor! Blake interrupted as often as possible, not to be undersold! dinner time can be quite a challenge with most kids but really these kids eat almost anything! I find chicken and rice is safe for all and make it often for them!

Holly was over today and we watched the twelve dancing princesses together, we did crafts and then had dinner! Normally Holly is big on sausages but I forgot these were a bit spicy and she wasn’t quite impressed.  The gnocchi didn’t go over well either, I am not impressing this kid tonight! Luckily, I have a stash of gluten-free pretzels and have saved the day! Phew that was close! who cares that she didn’t eat dinner…she can go back to rules tomorrow at home and I am pretty sure that her Mommy is too busy with the baby to read the blog!!

Today when we got home, Holly says  can I go play with my cousin Stephanie? I had to laugh as Stephanie is a neighbor and we love her dearly so I think Holly just assumes she’s family! so I said sure, when Steph gets home we’ll see if she wants to play with her cousin Holly! You just have to go with it sometimes!

Well, time to read a bedtime story to Princess Holly as she is pooped!

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Marie

I know I’ve been negligent about posting lately, my only excuse is lack of time! Really can we not get a few more hours a day at this time of year? If only I didn’t need sleep! Trust me, I need sleep! You do not want me in your house if I am sleep deprived!! So bottom line, the blog has been the thing I had to go easy on! So here’s today’s humour!

In the last week I have seen all the grand-children and/or spoken to them on the phone! I love the phone chats as kids are very free to say what’s on their minds when they talk on the phone and I am ready and willing to listen! Heidi told me today on the phone that she wanted a bracelet that glows in the dark and it does all these tricks and I said oh my, I don’t know if Santa will be able to come up with that, her reply? ” Don’t worry Meme, those elves can do anything!” Let’s just hope she’s dropped that one by Xmas! She asked me what I was doing today and when I said I’d be baking, she made sure that I’d be doing some gluten-free baking for Holly. Little does she know, I only did gluten-free baking!

The other day Holly phoned and in her sweet little voice she said “Hiiiii Meme!” when I answered, she says ” I called cause I just wanted to hear you!” Oh my, I said, I just wanted to talk to you, how lucky! And she replies ” OH thank you Meme!” Really? she is three years old!

Last week, I had Blake and Heidi over for a sleepover. We baked some cookies, ate pizza and did a Christmas craft. We had these little foam gingerbread people, and you stick on their eyes, buttons, or whatever and Blake puts one eye on his and exclaims, look I have a pirate gingerbread man! Seriously, the kid is three! That cracked me and Denis up! Heidi decorated hers to look exactly like the picture and her little gingerbread house was done perfectly as well, she made one for everyone as she never leaves anybody out that girl!

Today, Holly came over for a visit while Mommy and Daddy ran some errands, wink,wink and we did some baking and crafts again! We made the same foam crafts as Blake and Heidi did and she had a real good time covering every inch with little bits! While doing crafts, she explained to me that Santa flies all over the world with his reindeer and he goes down the chimney to bring her toys.  She said she’d share her cookies with Santa and she is intent on saving her carrots for Rudolph too! Anything to get out of eating those carrots!

Nothing makes me happier than to sit and look at these kids, to hear their little voices tell me their version of a story and for them to share with me. What more can a person want in life? I cry at the thought that 20 grand-mothers in Connecticut were robbed of that this week and so many families torn apart. Please join me in a prayer for all of them.

God Bless.

Sweet Marie


On Tuesday it’ll be my sweetie’s birthday! We celebrated early yesterday with our girls and their families! We , as in I, made a nice meal complete with cake and ice cream! This year Denis asked for carrot cake and I was happy to oblige since this summer I found the “Namaste Gluten-free mixes”! They have a spice cake that rivals any cake mix, let alone a gluten-free one! I toss in coconut, pecans and raisins and call it morning-glory cake! I top it with an icing made of icing sugar,coconut oil and almond milk, and a dash of vanilla…can you say yummy?

We had three options on the ice cream, a rare treat in our home! We had mint chocolate chip, vanilla and we had a coconut milk ice cream that was turtle flavor! Between us all, we finished off a couple of the cartons! Melanie and Holly and I were absolutely crazy about the turtle ice cream, it was dairy,soy and gluten-free! You got to love that! We made the most noise at the table!

Our dinner table is getting crammed with all the kids, we need to come up with a plan where we are not all eating with our elbows glued to our ribs! One slip of a fork and you could lose an eye! Our family has grown so much in the last five years, it’s hardly recognisable! This is a great thing in my eyes!

We feted on jalapeno poppers, humus, fresh salsa for snacks before the real food got served! For the actual dinner we had spinach salad, smoked pork chops a la Denis, steak, scalloped potatoes, and a mix of green and yellow beans! Just a few of Denis’ favourites! We made two pots of scalloped potatoes, one was a regular ooey-goey cheesy casserole, the other was dairy and gluten-free! The Dayia cheeses that I got at Whole Foods last week came in handy! It’s a bit of work to make dishes for the ‘special’ people but when everyone else is having something, it sure is nice to have some too even if it is a different version of it!

Dinner is my favourite time when the kids visit, as that is really when the true character of the kids comes out! Blake goes into stuffing mode, eating anything and everything in sight, Heidi likes to tell stories while supper gets cold, Holly tells stories too but mostly giggles at Heidi and Evelyn just nibbles away at just about anything! It is amazing to me that only eight months ago she was a preemie and now here she is fully caught up and just as cute as can be!

If Denis were writing this blog, he’d tell you his favourite time is when he has one or two or three of the kids on his lap, us singing Happy birthday and he is blowing out the candles! It’s heart-warming to know how loved he is by those kids, as am I. The feeling is certainly mutual.

Family is love and love is family. that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

Happy birthday my love!

Sweet Marie