My Sweet Marie

About Sweet Marie

Sweet Marie is a woman who recently turned 50! She plans to share with you all of her stories of her 51st year! She will share happenings at the gym, things she’s done with her girlfriends, events with her family, travels, days spent with her grand-children and likely you will read stories about her husband of 30 years! She lives a full life and tries to be present in every waking moment! This isn’t always easy for her as she is easily distracted with tropical moments, some call them hot flashes!

I hope you will show up often as there will be stories daily and food reviews occasionally too! Look for her family recipes that keep them coming back for more! (You’d think she’d learn!)

See you again real soon!


13 Responses to "About Sweet Marie"

Ok I so agree with your rant regarding Mexico… I LOVE IT there tooooo!!

Thanks Lorina…how can you not love it??? Thanks for the comment!

did you have any stir fry recipes you can share weet Marie??

About to post it for you!

Thanks for sending me an e-mail telling me about this site! I love it! I meant to just take a look but I am really enjoying reading all your blogs and can hardly wait to try your recipes! I look forward to following you on your 50th year adventure!!!

Thanks for joining us! More recipes coming soon. Any recipe in particular you’d like to see? Please pass on to your friends too!

Thanks Cous, I appreciate you checking in!

This is such a great blog A.M. I miss your wicked sense of humour and now we can stay in touch and keep up to date! The last time we did lunch you made an awesome homemade soup in a tomatoe juice blend w sausage & veg – can you post that recipe? You go Girl! luv, caro

I put the recipe up there. You can also sub chicken in this recipe, so a store bought deli roaster would work too!

Hi Marie

Thanks for forwarding me your blog and I enjoyed the read !
Great website girlfriend !

Thanks Donna…gonna come to the big party when it happens?

Anne-Marie, your blog is fantastic. This will be my go to blog for both gluten free and regular recipes.

Thanks Susan, glad you like it. anything special you are looking for?

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