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The Motivation Factor

Posted on: July 8, 2015

Well, I just got home from a disappointing weigh-in. I spent the weekend with my grand-children and family camping. We had a fantastic time, we played on the beach, we sang songs by the campfire, we ate yummy foods, forbidden foods and drank yummy drinks! OK maybe too many yummy foods and drinks. Should I be angry at myself? Should I be ashamed that I had a quality weekend with my family? Well, the Pollyanna in me chooses to learn from this experience rather then be angry.

Going into the weekend I did plan for the trip. I cut veggies and fruit so they were readily available, I made my foil packs, portioned to a healthy point value, I planned a drink that is low in points (coconut rum with water and lime, delish) and easy to make. I planned on getting loads of activity points in by walking and playing on the beach. Plans are good if you actually follow through with them, I did on some of this but not all. Also, you shouldn’t drink most of the bottle of rum because it gets harder to track the points!

So the truth is, I did eat my veggies and fruits. I even ate my canning jar oatmeal that I prepped for my breakfast. But I also ate a pancake or two that I made for the kids, I also had a chip or three when the others were having them. So I should be angry with myself but I’m not. Normally I would be but today, after a great meeting with some really great people, I realize that it’s ok to screw up, to step back now and then as it helps us appreciate the good weeks. It’s ok to mess up as I know that next time I camp, there’ll be no chips or pancakes(or coconut rum)! I will track next time I go and before I put that candy in my mouth, I will have to decide if I can ‘afford’ the points. So, lesson learned.

So, you say, what is the motivating factor? Well at the meeting we discussed what will get you back on track, some said I’ll read my “success handbook”, some said “I’ll re-boot”, start over, some said “I’ll plan this week”. Those are all great ideas and I do have my success handbook out already but what motivated me was on the way out the door, I said to Mike, let’s see who loses the most this week, and he said sure, let’s do it! Well, I am a very competitive person so watch out Mike! You know I’ll lose now!

So my plan is simple, I will exercise in some form of activity, everyday. I will plan my meals and likely see fish on there a lot this week! I will track. I will drink my water (sans coconut rum). I will eat protein at every snack or meal, that’s what keeps me full and not wanting junk.

So ladies, gents, what will you do this week to stay on track, to keep motivated? I’d love to hear your comments!


Sweet Marie


4 Responses to "The Motivation Factor"

Lol rock on lady. Have fun.

Will do Mike! We should have put money on this bet!!!

You go girl… are looking good anyway. Never beat yourself up for having a great time with family. It was just a moment….so you didn’t lose any weight for a week…..not a big deal in my book. You’ll be back on track… Paris is waiting for you. xx

Thanks Pennie…yep, back on track…won’t be long Paris…I’m a coming…

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