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Posted on: February 2, 2015

In case you hadn’t noticed, I like my food, I like my meals, but snacks are very important business! I am back on the wagon, the Weight Watchers wagon that is, so snacks are fine but let’s rein them in, or so I’m told! Here are my top ten favourites, and I’ll even include their WW points value! Some days you need the low point snacks and some days the high point ones are what you want! Here are a few options for you. If you have ideas for more, please comment and I will make another list!

Top Ten Snacks

  1. Kale chips ( 2 cups kale, 1 Tbsp olive oil) =  3 points per serving
  2. Rice cake with 1 Tbsp peanut butter (natural, chunky)=3 points
  3. Baked Corn tortillas x 3( season with taco seas. and spray with Pam) serve with salsa = 3 points
  4. Rice crackers (12) with 1 Tbsp almond butter = 4 points
  5. Popcorn (2 cups popped) with 1 Tbsp olive oil = 5 points
  6. Roasted Chick peas (1/4 cup serving) = 2 points
  7. Lentil chips (22 chips) = 2 points
  8. Almonds, raw, unsalted (1/4 cup) = 4 points
  9. Lime avocado ( cut avocado in half, squeeze lime juice and top with black pepper) = 5 points per half.
  10. Raw veggies with Hummus (carrots, celery, cukes, peppers) = 2 points per 2 tbsp.

Enjoy folks, I enjoy hearing what your favourite snacks are!


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Mom, where’s your coleslaw recipe?

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