My Sweet Marie

Happy Anniversary My Love

Posted on: October 27, 2014

Today Denis and I celebrate our 34th anniversary. I’ve declared my love on this blog a few times, Ok maybe more than a few times, but none the less, today I will do it differently, I will give poetry a shot here, don’t judge people!


Denis, my dear, today I remember our young love, that seems so long ago,

so much has happened in  the years that we’ve been man and wife.

We’ve raised two girls, who’ve grown to be true blue to me and you,

grand-kids being our bonus for giving them life!


Denis, my dear, today I remember our years together

some days sheer fun and some just a bit rougher,

Side by side we muddled through it all

with you, I can handle any fall!


Denis, my dear, today I remember our travels, with and without our girls,

camping, winter sunny holidays, and out-of-town family visits

exploring the world to find the spots we love to revisit,

to share our love of nature, life and fun!


Denis, today I remember a man who has stood by my side,

job or no job, on the good days and the bad days,

Loyal to the core, right there where I needed you.


Denis, today I remember you, the prankster, the  jokster,

the saran wrap on the toilet, oh yes, I haven’t forgotten,

the rubber band on the kitchen hose to spray me the second I turned on the tap,

just to witness you giggle, is worth every damp moment!


Denis, today I remember you, the man I married 34 years ago

not knowing where life would take us, but knowing full well,

that if it was by your side, then it was where I wanted to be.


Denis today I remember you and me on our wedding day,

and think if someone had told me all we would go through,

would I still do it? The answer my dear,  is absolutely yes, I do!


Love you with all my heart Denis xo

Your Sweet Marie




2 Responses to "Happy Anniversary My Love"

Congratulations Anne-Marie and Denis. Thirty Four wonderful years is a magnificent milestone. Hugst to you both.

Thanks Pennie, hard to believe it’s even been that long!

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