My Sweet Marie

It’s that Time For Rasky

Posted on: May 19, 2014

Rasky has been our beloved kitty for 18 years. We had recently moved to London, little Melanie was missing her pals from home and we thought a new kitty would bring her joy. We were right about the joy, but were very naïve about the chaos that was to ensue her arrival! You see we already had one cat, Pepper, and she was not exactly at the door welcoming Rasky! Poor Rasky, she was hissed at, chased after and hounded by the alpha cat Pepper! She was afraid to use the same litter so we had to get her a separate one, oh so many lessons we learned! That one was learned after Rasky peed in Melanie’s Halloween candy bowl! I thought it was hilarious, Melanie not so much.

Several years back we had to put Pepper down and Rasky still looks around the corners for her. I swear Pepper haunts her as every once in a while Rasky will let out these howls or jumps for no reason. We usually will look at one another and say “Pepper is visiting”.

Sadly, Rasky will soon be visiting Pepper. She is 18, and not in good health. The question is, when is the right time to put down your beloved pet? Is it fair? Is it humane? We had to do that for Pepper and it was terribly sad. Is it right to hang on to her because I will be sad when she’s gone? Probably not. She is in obvious pain, deaf and going blind as well. Poor thing has had a real good run and probably would want us to lie her down.

One of the reasons I’ve been putting it off is the grand-children. How they love Rasky. We usually don’t get any loving till Rasky has had hers. They run to hug her, pet her and/or feed her. They always make sure there’s treats for her and lots of hugs whether she wants them or not.

Indoor female cats have a life expectancy of 13-15 years, which Rasky has outlived so there should be no guilt here. She’s been well looked after and has had no health issues in her long life. So why the guilt? I guess it’s human nature to not want to lay a loved one to rest, to want them around forever. I wish that were possible.

Stay tuned, I’m sure I will be writing about this more in the near future.

sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie



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