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Bye-bye 2013! Hello 2014!

Posted on: December 31, 2013

I will bet most of you will be gathering with friends tonight for a big party, or maybe you and your sweetie will go out for a fine dinner at a white tablecloth establishment. Whichever your plans, have fun, drive safe or better yet, don’t drive. Grab a bus, cab or walk, please!

Having worked in the restaurant industry for so many years, I cannot go out for New years. When I have, all I can see are the staff working hard, hoping you will just gobble up and leave so they can get to their parties! So for many years, we have done our own thing. Denis and I have a neat tradition that we do every year, and I think I will share with you! No, no, not that! Jeesh!

After a great meal of many courses, we will retire to a comfortable spot, get out our 2013 calendar and we sit, sip and reflect. Some years we’ve cried over the memories, some laughter and sometimes, like this year, I plan to burn that sucker! I mean the calendar, not Denis! It really amazes me how much we do in a  year, what we see, who we spend time with. When it’s all there in black and white, and blue and red…well you get a great sense of who is important to you and what is.

When we’ve finished with the calendar, we will refill those glasses then spend some time on making predictions, talking about our hopes and plans for the New year. This is my favourite part of the night, aside from the yummy food of course! One year I remember predicting that my brother in-law and sister in-law would get a baby, as they’d been hoping for many years and it wasn’t long after that they did in fact adopt a beautiful little girl, Nicole. One of my favourite predictions ever! One year we predicted we’d maybe get another grand-child and not only did we get one that year but we got two! I think this year, I will predict we win the lottery, let me re-phrase, the big lottery, the jackpot of all jackpots!

When the children were small, we’d make them a special meal, which usually they asked for hot dogs as that was a rare treat to them but whatever they think is special, then we’d set the clocks up a few hours and at midnight (really 9 p.m.) we’d have our countdown and go on the porch with sparklers! They had champagne, (ginger ale) in champagne glasses and yell and holler, and in no time, they were in bed so that we could have our celebratory meal and get our New year’s eve going!

Whatever your traditions are and whoever you share them with, may they be filled with great fun, lots of love and a little sparkle!

Please don’t drink and drive! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Bye-bye 2013! Hello 2014!"

It was a pleasant surprise to read that you and Denis and Rolly and I have an almost identical tradition. We get out Rolly’s daily journal after a cozy delicious meal at home and also count our blessings as we go over the past year and make plans for the new. It must be one of the keys to a long and happy marriage,for us now 44.Thanks for a great blog! I look forward to each new post.

Thanks Yvonne. Yes we did filet mignon and Alaskan crab legs, oh my, what a treat! We are about to do dessert and the calendar…love that you do that too!
XO Happy New year to you too!

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