My Sweet Marie

Family Christmas Parties!

Posted on: December 30, 2013

Have you seen the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase? Well that family has nothing on us! Surely if those directors and producers knew our family they’d be making movies about us! We are large and no doubt, in charge! I have seven siblings and when we all gather for holidays with our spouses and children, and their children we are now 55 or so people! It really is something to witness. Our family has a tradition where we take turns hosting the Christmas party. The host gets to choose the date, the venue and the menu! Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?

This year was my turn and I chose to have a comfort food theme. You see when you have a hall, you have to plan ahead and book the hall early and make arrangements with people for different things.  I have to say that I was completely in awe of the food that showed up on our buffet table! We had two long tables set-up just for the food and we had to be very creative to get it all to fit! We had stew, cabbage rolls, even a vegetarian cabbage roll, Kapusta, chicken and sliders, shepherds pie, mac and cheese of three types, two types of meatballs, salad, sweet potatoes, squash, mashed potatoes, gravy, buns, corn bread, appetizers and desserts! Let’s just say if someone went home hungry, they have an issue!

Hosting is a lot of work as you’re the one who arranges everything, delegates odd jobs and gets there early so the hall is ready to go when the crowd rolls in. I was lucky to have my hubby’s help and my sister Monique and her husband Gaston showed up early too to lend a hand, thank you God for them! I can take a deep breath now knowing I won’t be hosting again for 8 years! Phew! I have passed the torch to my brother Denis and I heard a rumor he already has a theme picked out but I won’t let that secret slip….yet.

When hosting there’s the children to think of and we usually have a table set aside for them to do crafts, play games etc, but really what they like best is running wild. There’s plenty of room to do and as long as they stay out of the kitchen where they could get hurt, we’re all OK with it. They get to see cousins that they don’t see very often and it doesn’t take them long to warm to one another. They also usually get gifts from some of the generous aunts who love to see those kids smile!

For Mom it’s a busy day that wears her out but it’s a day where her entire family is gathered and everyone is happy to see one another. This year was a bit tough for her, even if she didn’t complain, it was her first Christmas without Fred and he so loved going to these functions. I feel he was there watching over all of us and making sure nobody burned the cookies!

Thank you all to my siblings, my nieces and nephews for all of the contributions and mostly to Mom for having such a large family for us to enjoy. And now I shall have a nap!

Love to you all,

Sweet Marie


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