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Living Gluten-Free

Posted on: December 17, 2013

I have been gluten and dairy-free for two years now. every once in a while, I get people asking me advice on where to get this or that, what should I eat etc. I thought I’d post some helpful tips for those that are newly gluten-free or have been for a while!

Surprising products which you’ll find gluten in:

  • soy sauce ( I buy gluten-free soy sauce)
  • licorice
  • malt vinegar
  • beer (though you can find g.f. beer easily these days)
  • communion wafers
  • modified food starch (corn starch, potato starch are fine)
  • medicines (talk to the pharmacist)
  • breading (really is this a shock?)
  • canned soups and dry mixes or cubes
  • salad dressings
  • imitation seafood
  • imitation bacon (buy the real thing!)
  • many canned sauces or marinades
  • pasta (rice or corn pasta are great)
  • lunch meats
  • gravy (make it homemade!)
  • oatmeal ( oats are technically gluten-free but beware if they’re processed in a plant that processes other products.)
  • graham cracker
  • barley
  • Spelt, rye, durum, Faro, Kamut, Semolina

Tips for dining out:

  • Call ahead and not at noon or the dinner hour! Tell them of your allergies and ask questions. Restaurants are getting better informed on the issue and have figured out if one person in the group is gluten intolerant then that whole group will go to a restaurant that is gluten friendly! I like Bertoldi’s in London!
  • Talk to the server when you arrive, if you feel he/she is clueless, ask for the manager, this is your body and your health we are talking about. You can be firm and respectful at the same time.
  • Don’t be afraid to send something back. I recently had lunch out and told the server I was gluten intolerant and my lunch came with a big chunk of French bread on the plate full of crumbs! I did not send it back and had a nasty reaction, no more Mrs. Nice guy with me. Next time it goes back.
  • If dining for sushi or Chinese, bring your own soy sauce, I do and have never had an issue. Be wary of fake Krab in the sushi.

Tips for baking:

  • look for recipes that are gluten free, trying to convert a regular recipe by just exchanging the flours will not work well.
  • try almond flour in your baking (ground almonds)
  • coconut flour is awesome too!
  • you will need to stock xantham gum in your pantry for baking
  • you can get a gluten free flour mix that works well in cookies, pastries etc

Well that’s all I can think of right now, please leave me comments of the things I failed to mention! questions are welcome too! Good luck with your new lifestyle, I am sure you will feel better for it real soon!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie




2 Responses to "Living Gluten-Free"

Anne-Marie I really appreciated this blog because I have a number of gluten intolerant friends. I have recently had to replace dairy and am clueless. I would love a blog on that too when you can. You’re so helpful. Thanks Yvonne

Ok Yvonne, no problem! Dairy is funny one as some people can tolerate certain things but not others, it really is a trial and error thing, and mostly error for me!

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