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Phishing Schemes

Posted on: December 11, 2013

Today someone tried to steal money from me. It scares me to think that most people would fall for this foolishness but luckily I didn’t! You see I have an item  for sale  on kijiji and yesterday I received an offer via e-mail. This, so far, is normal. I have successfully sold items on kijiji many times and had no issues.  I replied to the offer with an e-mail to them from Paypal guiding them to my account for payment. They replied that they’d make payment ASAP.

What I found strange is that they gave me no shipping instructions or arrangements to pick up this item. That was my first clue to the scam. This morning I got an e-mail from supposedly ‘Paypal’, but it doesn’t name me in the e-mail, it just says Dear member, clue#2! Paypal always uses your name when addressing you! Anyhow this e-mail informs me of a payment to my account but it’s actually $350 more then the offer, clue#3!

I consult my husband who says:” Whoa something is up with that”, let’s look into that further. Next I get an e-mail from ‘Paypal’ invoicing department (supposedly) saying to send a Money Gram for $300 and they will deposit the rest of the payment to my account. Bells and whistles are now going ding, ding, ding…yep sure sign that if someone asks you to send money so that they can send you some, it’s a scam! Also, they kindly ask that you don’t disturb Paypal customer service with any inquiries as they are too busy to handle these calls, and they direct you to an e-mail that goes right back to them!

Of course, I directly call Paypal, who switch me over to the fraud department and inform me that most definitely, this is a scam! They sent me a few tips to look for in the future. Lucky for me, I lost nothing but a bit of time. Here’s what they said:

You’ll know that an email is not from PayPal when:

  • The email uses a generic greeting like “Dear user” or “Hello, PayPal member.” We always address you by your first name and last name or the business name on your PayPal account.
  • The email requests financial and other personal information. For example, an email from PayPal never asks for the numbers of your bank account, debit or credit card, or driver’s license. We also don’t request your email addresses, your full name, your account password, or the answers to your PayPal security questions.
  • The email includes an attachment or a software update to install on your computer.
  • We will never ask you for money in an email, and we will never ask you to send money through Western Union.

Another big scam right now is the computer techs calling to say you have a computer issue. I love this as how would they know. they especially like to prey on the older people who might fall for this as they believe it! I know of one woman who actually let them get on her computer remotely to ‘fix’ her problems! Luckily she got off without much damage but never, ever give anyone access to your computer remotely unless it is a service that you use regularly! they want on your computer to gain access to your personal and banking info, please do not do it!

These people are lazy and trying to make a quick buck off those that are vulnerable. If they put their intelligence to a good cause, they might actually make a difference in this world! Please feel free to comment on any scam tips to help others out!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie



2 Responses to "Phishing Schemes"

Good for you Marie. Didn’t get scammed and did the right thing by calling PayPal. A friend of mine did get scammed by the computer tech thing. He was having trouble with his computer…it was very old and slow. And unfortunately, he lost a few thousand dollars as they somehow got his banking information. They also had snapshots of his bank account so it looked like he had money that he didn’t. It was a terrible experience for him. The Anti-Fraud Centre is also the place to report this type of thing. It was also on the CTV news last night.

Thanks for that info Gay. People need to know this stuff, pass it on!

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