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Posted on: October 27, 2013

Denis and I don’t get out to dinner very often. The reasons are two-fold, one I love to cook therefore I usually do and secondly, my allergies make it a bit of a pain  to go out and not feel cheated! Having said that, we almost always go out for our anniversary and this year we chose Bertoldi’s. My friends; I am here to tell you that if you are gluten-intolerant, Bertoldi’s is the place in London to eat! They have a separate menu just for the gluten-intolerant folks, I did like that.

Bertoldi’s is an Italian  restaurant that strives to make the food from scratch. They make their own sauces, breads and even their homemade pasta is made from scratch. The owners will tell you that they like to cook the way their Italian grand-parents did, using fresh ingredients and making fresh food daily. This is a refreshing way to dine as most restaurants today bring in frozen, prepared dishes and warm them in the oven, drop them on a clean plate and call it a meal! Not at Bertoldi’s, everything is fresh and so very yummy! Nope, they did not, are not paying me to say this, I just enjoyed my meal this much.

We started off with a lovely bottle of cabernet while we perused our menus, oh the options! I’m telling you it was a delight to have a gluten-free menu and I didn’t have to ask the servers a million questions. I decided on the ensalada Cortina, a salad of arugula, roasted yellow and red beets and goat’s cheese, can you say delicious, it was! Denis had the Minestrone soup to start and he liked that too. I couldn’t describe it as I did not have a taste, but they can even do this gluten-free. I believe they don’t add the pasta till before service which allows the option of gluten-free.

With the salad came this lovely basket of homemade bread and a balsamic/olive oil dip. Denis said the bread was really good and my only wish was they had a gluten-free bread of some kind. I do know that this is a tall order in a restaurant  that likes to make everything homemade and they’d have to have separate trays just for gluten-free baking, so in short, a bit of a nightmare but I would have loved to have that bread/dip last night. Sorry, I sound like I’m whining, don’t I? I wonder if they’d consider some day to get fresh bread in from Organic’s Bakery on Wellington and serve that? Just a thought.

For our dinners, I went with the shrimp picante pasta, it was gluten-free penne with shrimps, chile peppers, spinach, tomatoes in a lemon preserve sauce. The first plate they served me was the non gluten-free option which I recognized right away to be not gluten-free before even having a taste. I asked our server if he was sure it was gluten-free and he took one look and said, “You know what, let me check”. He quickly came back and said lucky I had asked and said a new one would be right up. It did come quickly and when it did, the pasta was cooked perfectly, served piping hot and just spicy enough. The shrimp were nice and crunchy, cooked to perfection. I am so glad I had him check! This just serves as a good reminder to be on your toes when out to eat, I have to say they were more then accommodating to fix the mess up and that little glitch did not ruin my impression of the restaurant one bit.

Denis meanwhile got his lasagna which was layers of goodness. He was being so polite and insisting on waiting till I finally told him to eat it before it got cold! He did start, slowly nibbled on it while I waited on mine. It had layers of pasta, ricotta, Romano cheese, a cream sauce and a meat sauce, oh my, it did look good. He seemed to enjoy it a whole lot more once my meal came though.

All through dinner, we reminisced about the different places we’ve dined at for our anniversary and we both agreed this one definitely is in the top 3! We’ve eaten at some pretty nice places over the 33 years! When we go out for a nice dinner, we like there to be a nice atmosphere, delicious food, great service and nice wines. Bertoldi’s has all of that and having Absolutely David for our server made it all the better, we affectionately called him that as his reply to every request was “absolutely!”.

Denis, of course must have dessert, especially on a special occasion, so he had the tiramisu which he assures me was delicious. I  had a Spanish coffee for my dessert! I think I could have had a gelato, but with the cold rain, I decided on the coffee sans the whipped cream. Oh how I miss real whipped cream!

All in all, I would most definitely recommend Bertoldi’s to anyone, but most especially to those with gluten allergies. What a treat to dine without worries. Check them out at


Bon Appetit!



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