My Sweet Marie

Anniversary Weekend

Posted on: October 27, 2013

I figure once you are married 33 years, you can celebrate all weekend! In this day and age, it’s unusual to hear of people married so long, especially at our age so we take it all in. This year has been a roller coaster of a year so we thought we’d take it easy all weekend, have a nice dinner out and just live it up!

I’m sure you don’t want to hear all the gory details, especially our girls, and I promise I’m not sharing them! We have been reminiscing all weekend, something comes up and we’ll say remember the time we went to Collingwood for our anniversary? Then we spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out what year that was and who watched the girls?! All I remember is the fireplace, how cold it was and the hot tub! Good times.

Anniversaries have always been a special celebration for us, we always do something. There have been times when all we could afford was a picnic in the living room but I know there were candles, sweet nothings shared and gratitude for what we do and/or did have.

My favorite all time anniversary gift was a Sweet Marie bar. We were married only a year, had just moved to Toronto, had no money to our names and we promised each other that we would not even buy a card for each other.  I made the best dinner I could with what we had, lit a few short candles, put on some music and Denis shows up at the table with not only a mushy card but a Sweet Marie bar! It was always his little nickname for me so it was fitting. I know it’s not a diamond ring or gold but to me, it was priceless. I still get choked up 32 years later thinking about it.

Some years you can afford extravagant gifts or trips, some years you can’t, that’s life. What matters is that we are both healthy and happy and have a bright future ahead of us. I love my dear sweet husband and am grateful everyday, well almost everyday, for the wonderful husband, friend that he is. I am sure there will be many more memories for me to share in the future and I look forward to doing that!

Sweetest regards Denis!

Sweet Marie




5 Responses to "Anniversary Weekend"

Congratulations on the 33rd Wedding Anniversary! You are the sweetest couple!

Thanks MAD, we are cute, aren’t we? (Most days!!)

I loved this post because I could truly identify with everything you had to say Some years you may have been able to be extravagant, and other years simply have a picnic on the living room floor. The real gift is always the acknowledgement of the love you share.For us now it is 44 years and still as sweet as ever.Congratulations on your milestone too!

Thanks Yvonne. Truly it doesn’t matter to me where we celebrate, as long as we do! Taking the time to show our gratitude is important to me, glad you agree!

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