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Kids Say The Funniest Things!

Posted on: October 22, 2013

Recently I have had the pleasure of seeing all of my grand-kids in their finest form! I love it when they say something so innocently and I just crack up. Sometimes I need to keep a straight face as you wouldn’t want them to think you are laughing at them but really, it’s tougher some days to not laugh! Here’s a few examples:

Saturday night we had Heidi and Blake for a sleepover, over dinner Heidi was telling us that her teacher had been off sick a big part of the week and that made her sad. Blake, her almost 4 year-old brother jumps in and says “her teacher has a frog in her froat, she was having breakfast and the frog just jumped in!” he continues to say that she won’t be back till they get that frog out! You try not laughing at that!

That same night as Blake is dressing into his jammies, Pepe reminds him to put clean underwear on, Blake checks his unders and says but Pepe, there’s no poop marks! Pepe did not hold back the laugh this time, he let it rip in fact!

Evy, our darling 20 month old grand-daughter is learning new words everyday to our delight. Her favorite is ‘don’t’, um you figure she’s hearing that much? So on Friday, I was chatting with Mel on the phone, Holly is having her bag of lentil chips ( I know, why?) and Evy is trying to get some, of course Holly says “Don’t Evy” …fast track to a few minutes later, Holly is off doing something and Mel tries to sneak a chip and Evy catches her.. “Momma DON’T”! Yep, she was caught and Evy used the term in the right context, I thought it was funny enough to share.

Holly loves to dress up and has one of those trunks full of dress up clothes, she comes out in full ensemble with the tiara and all, and Mel says “Wow, you are a beautiful princess” and Holly’s reply? “I’m not a princess, I am the QUEEN!” Yep, she is.

Heidi is our 6 year old genius. At dinner on Saturday while gulping her pizza she says “Yeah when I had my MRI the other day, the Dr. was real nice!” Denis and I just look at each other with concerned looks and I ask why did you have an MRI, did you hurt yourself? She says “Oh Meme, the scientists just wanted to see my brain, it’s really cool, that’s what scientists do!” Um..OK…so of course we questioned Melissa on this and apparently Heidi is in this research study and she did have an MRI and got to take home pics of her brain, and we also found out she is far ahead of her age group in her reading skills, no big surprise to us.

One more, on Thanksgiving weekend we had the kids over and amidst all the last minute rush of getting the food on the table, I had kids running in and out of the kitchen and I said to Heidi “go tell Pepe to feed the dog”. She looked up at me with big sad eyes, like she felt sorry for me, and I said what? She says, “but Meme you don’t have a dog.” I laughed and told her we were caring for Allie, the neighbor’s dog! I heard Phew behind me and realized the girls were holding their breath thinking I had lost my mind or something! Too funny.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now, ask a child a question and you will get an honest answer!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Kids Say The Funniest Things!"

l love it! My niece Sheri whose little guys I frequently look after told me that her older son,Joshua, age 3 was happily playing on his own in his room. But when he came out and discovered his 1 year old brother Ethan up from napping and playing on the living room floor with Mummy, sat down next to them, crossed his arms sulkily, and said indignantly “When is HE leaving?”

Ah yes…younger siblings! Thanks for reading!

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