My Sweet Marie

Me And My Girls

Posted on: October 20, 2013

Yesterday was Melanie’s birthday, our baby girl turned 27! This year to celebrate her birthday we gifted her with a gift card from Kohl’s and part of the deal was that I’d take her shopping along with her sister Melissa! So at the crack of 9:00 a.m Melissa and I headed to Mel’s to pick her up and off we headed for the border! There wasn’t much of a wait at the border, just a few cars lined up across the board and in no time, we were in the good old USA.

We started at Kohl’s as they had their early bird special on which only goes till 1 p.m. and the deals are substantial! Mel practically got herself a new wardrobe with all her birthday cash and cards! It was great fun helping her find jeans, shirts, sweaters and scarves! She filled her cart to the brim and then the fitting began! Oh the poor things that just got tossed aside! Too big, too small, not the right color…Mom run and get me another size…Mom did you see a blue one in this? I felt like I was shopping with an excited teenager again.

It did us all good to spend the day together, no hubbies, no kids! Oh the luxury of just looking at something because you just want to! No children whining because they are hungry or worse, husbands asking why look at something if you have no intentions on buying it? Men really do not get shopping, do they?

So after a couple of hours in Kohl’s, we went out for lunch to Cheap Charlies, practically in the same parking lot! I like it as it’s good wholesome food, quick and friendly service at reasonable prices. We all had salads, good girls that we are and neither of us could finish as they are huge salads! We had mentioned to Shelby our server that we were out for the day for Mel’s birthday and of course after we ate, she and a gang of her co-workers came and sang happy birthday to Mel along with a round of cheers from the tables nearby! Mel says “Thanks Mom”!  You’re welcome.

With bellies full we round out the trip at Meijer’s to pick up some essentials, groceries, candy, wine, you know, important stuff! I love the variety of candy and got enough for a few neighborhoods! Once we got all of our bags in the trunk (barely) we gassed up and headed back for the border. Again, no real line up and we were greeted by a very friendly border guard who wished Mel a happy birthday and sent us on our way! It does feel good to be back on Canadian soil doesn’t it?

A few giggles and stories later we safely dropped Mel off to her waiting family for her to continue the celebrating with hints of fettucine alfredo in the air, and children and hubby smiling! It looked like they all survived and poison control wasn’t needed after all! Jim joked before we left, asking what the number is for poison control, giving Mel pause, he’s a joker that one!

Life can get real busy and we often forget to give thanks for the obvious but today I am most grateful for my beautiful daughters and being able to steal some precious time with them.

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie



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