My Sweet Marie

Turkey Casserole

Posted on: October 17, 2013

I may be a bit late in posting this for my Canadian friends but for those that do have turkey leftovers now or in the future, here’s a great casserole idea for you! You can wrap it and stick it in the fridge for the next few days or put it in the freezer for future dinners! It’s easy and delicious! Here’s what you do:


  • stuffing
  • turkey cooked and cubed or chopped
  • gravy
  • mashed potatoes


  1. You will need approximately the same amount of each ingredient and use a casserole dish that will hold what you have.
  2. Grease your casserole with olive oil or butter or margarine.
  3. Place all of your stuffing in the bottom of the casserole. follow that with a thick layer of turkey.
  4. Now cover that with gravy, enough to cover the meat but not so much that the stuffing will be soaked.
  5. Over that, cover it all with a thick layer of mashed potatoes. spread them out so the whole casserole is covered!
  6. Either cover and place in the fridge or put it in the freezer for later use.
  7. When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350. Bake for one hour and serve with a bit more gravy or cranberry sauce and a side of veggies or salad!

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