My Sweet Marie

Dear Impatient Me…

Posted on: June 17, 2013

Dear Impatience,

Today we start a new leaf! No longer will your impatient sighs, harrumphs, or curse words be tolerated! I know that not everyone moves as quickly as you so deal with it! I know the teller has a job to do and counting your deposit three times is necessary even if you need to get to your next client in fifteen minutes, it’s her job, breathe…BREATHE!

I know that as a child you being at the younger end of the line made it frustrating as you didn’t always get to help out in the way you thought best, or make decisions with the older ones. I know, I get it. It can be frustrating when you speak and you feel nobody is listening or HEARING you, DEAL WITH IT!

I know stupidity will bring you on but you are going to have to take a backseat to my new-found inner peace. From now on when people ask stupid questions, I will simply smile and repeat their questions and give them the simple answer they deserve! I will not roll my eyes, sigh or swear, I WILL NOT!

So, my dear impatience, you are no longer welcome in my heart, my head or my home. Be gone with yourself and take all the eye rolling, red-faced anger and curses with you!



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