My Sweet Marie

Help I Need Somebody!

Posted on: June 11, 2013

I was challenged last week by my buddy Pennie to sign up for the daily prompt challenge, so here I am! Asking for help  is very hard for me. You would think the fact that I am a care-giver and help people all day, all week-long that I’d have a better handle on this, but alas, I do not.

This winter was a particularly challenging one for me and I’ll bet most people who know me, didn’t know that. I am surrounded by people all the time. I have a huge family, many friends, I work out with a pile of people, and always talking with people and yet, most of those people have no idea how I felt this past winter!

This is not a blight on them one bit, it’s all on me. All of them, I’m sure of, would have listened to me, helped me or cared for me if they, for a second thought, I needed it. So why didn’t I tell them? Good question, who asked that? My first instinct is to say I don’t want to bother them or put them out but truth be told, I don’t want them to think less of me.

Let’s delve into that a bit deeper, these are people who know me, know how hard I work, know how I care for others and I think they’ll think less of me. I guess having put that out there, I sound a bit egotistical, don’t I? The truth is it was a tough winter, I had my fair share of a burden but it’s coming to a head soon. Soon, it will be all over with.

I did finally speak to my girlfriends and had a frank chat with them at the insistence of my supportive hubby, and that was how I finally got to feeling better. Some times all we need to do is bounce off our thoughts to someone else to differ rational from irrational strings of thought.

Living in Canada where there is a serious lack of sunshine in  the winter does not help matters either. If in our next election we get a candidate to promise more sunshine in the winter, I’m voting for her or him! wouldn’t you?

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Help I Need Somebody!"

I certainly appreciate your honesty in disclosing that you didn’t reveal your struggle because you didn’t want people to think less of you. I’ve been there too.It sure is great to feel the weight of that burden decrease when we share it with someone isn’t it? Thank you

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