My Sweet Marie

Sleepover Time

Posted on: June 3, 2013

On the weekend we had the pleasure of caring for all four of our grand-kids in one night! Can you say , Oh MY!? Oh yeah baby, all four of them! They range in age 6 down to 16 months! I was busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger! Good grief, if I wasn’t cooking for them, I was doing the dishes! Honestly, I don’t know how my mother cared for 8 of us! I had my husband help out and he’s a real team player this guy! He was in there getting just as dirty as me!

Heidi and Blake arrived first. They were so excited as this was their very first sleepover with both Holly and Evy. They were full of questions and just about every five minutes asked me what time would they arrive! When Holly and Evy did arrive, Heidi went running down the driveway towards Holly who was running at full steam to Heidi, and she being the littler one, jumped up into Heidi’s arms! It was a sight to see, I have to say! Those two little cousins adore one another. Blake who is the same age as Holly was just as happy to see her and greeted her with a bit of a shy hug. I thought to myself, well we are off to good start at least!

Denis entertained them in the backyard while grilling some hot dogs and I was inside getting the rest of our candle-lit dinner on the table! Just because Mom and Dad’s are having fun doesn’t mean we can’t! We had our fancy hot dog and fries, candle-lit! Of course all they wanted to do was blow out the candles! Kids! Everyone devoured their dinner and were treated with Popsicles for dessert and my banana no-sugar cookies! They seemed to go over well enough. Evy thought they were great!

After dinner, we took them to our local park to play and in the process hopefully tire them out! Well, they played all right! They ran, they jumped, they slid, they chased each other, they threw a ball around, they kicked it, oh my, you name it and they did it! What fun! By the time we were headed home I realized they were filthy and I thought oh boy, how am I going to bathe 4 of them? I should have known they’d know what to do!

So when we got home I got the bath running and I started with Evelyn’s bath, I was washing her up and when out of the corner of my eye, I thought I spotted a bunch of naked kids giggling! Yep, I did! There they were waiting their turns! Oh dear! so Heidi jumped in and I handed off Evy, then Holly jumped in and then at some point I know Blake did too but really I lost all track of who washed what! In the end they were all wet so I figured I must have got them all! I didn’t even attempt to wash hair!

Well, bath time was done so I gave Evelyn a little cereal and fruit and she was ready for bed! While I was doing that Denis was outside setting up a campfire for the three older ones, and they couldn’t have been more excited! I got Evy down without so much as a peep out of her, I said Night-night Evy and she closed her eyes, twirled her hair and off to dreamland she went! Phew, one down, three to go I thought to myself! I took a few minutes to pick up toys and get the dishes in the dishwasher sadly so that I could have a second to myself! It wasn’t lost on me that my mother did this times 2 every single day! I thought of it every time I was asked, Meme what’s for dinner? Trust me, it took control not to say “Horse shit and buttermilk” like good ol’ Mom used to say to us! Can you believe she said that? I know she’s a naughty girl!

So dishes down, floors swept and no more excuses to have time to myself, I joined the campfire to shouts of don’t forget the marshmallows! Then my mothers words spat out of my mouth, “Really is that all I am to you little people, is it all about food?” Denis said yeah that and presents, get the mallows! So he toasted us some nice golden mallows, wow he does get it just right! Of course at 4 a.m. I was awake with a sugar rush from that one marshmallow but it was quiet in the house so who can argue!

Having had a good solid 10 hours of sleep Evelyn decided that today she would be up at 6 a.m. thank you very much! Not only up but she decided she needed company and got Holly and Heidi up too! Really, how we managed to let Blake sleep another hour, I am not sure! So for their first breakfast it was toast and fruit but it was the pancakes and bacon that really hit the high note after Blake and Pepe were up too! Gotta love those kiddos!

Well that’s the long and short of our 4 grand-kid weekend! I hope you were entertained as much as were! Of course we are still tired but with smiles on our faces!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Sleepover Time"

Wow! I was practically out of breath by the time I read about bath time! What fun! Great Nephew number 5 was born yesterday, and I am thrilled. I have only had 2 at a time for visits but will soon be ready for 3 of them, as the oldest 2 are now so good together.4 of these 5 live very close by, so I look forward to doing the ”grandma” thing with them together too. Even though they are not actually my own grandkids, love still feels the same.

Oh kids can never have too many grammas! You go ahead and be that special auntie or gramma to whomever you want Yvonne!

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