My Sweet Marie

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Posted on: May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all my favourite Moms including my Mom! Mom, I hope you have a terrific day while celebrating Alice’s special ceremony. I know you’ll be well looked after and we can have our special day next weekend! That’s the good thing about having many siblings, Mom gets many special days! I know that each will celebrate with her in their own way by cooking for her, baking for her, gardening for her, buying her breakfast, whatever, she’ll get the works times eight! There is no mother more deserving then my mother so good for her, I say!

I also want to wish my daughters a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY as they are both Mommies now and get to celebrate in the ups and downs of motherhood. Today they’ll be spoiled by their children and by proxy their hubbies! There’ll likely be homemade crafts, breakfast in beds or burnt toast, whichever they get, I know they’ll feel grateful for the love. I hope they know how loved they are by us and how grateful we are that they’ve given us the most beautiful grand-children on earth! I don’t care what anybody says, my grand-kids are the best! (I won’t argue with you on it tho just cause I know the truth!!!)

I’d also like to wish my sisters Marg,Monique and Colette happy Mother’s day as they too are great Moms! They have raised their kids and done a great job, all of them contributing to society in their own way and most of all, they are happy where they are in life. We forget sometimes that not all kids take the same route but we are all headed in the same direction, some of us liking the scenic route better. Monique, I know if David were here he’d be greeting you with that grin of his and some flowers that he snatched from a neighbor’s garden to wish you a happy day so take this as me passing on his message.

To all my girlfriends and all women in my life(nieces,aunts,cousins, sisters-in-law), I wish you a Happy Moms day as well. May you all take the day off from laundry,cooking, exercising, shopping, running the taxi or whatever mundane chores you do on a daily basis for your family! I wish for you a peaceful, quiet day where you’ll lounge with a book, a hot cup of tea and an afghan as your buddy! (Picture a scented candle in the background and soft music playing, maybe even a harpist…ok that’s enough)

Love to all the Moms!

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Happy Mother’s Day Moms!"

I loved your summary of a great day, Anne-Marie and I did in fact have one just as relaxing on Mother’s Day, minus the harp music 🙂

Ssorry to hear there were no harps. We’ll get Steven and Carrie on that next year!

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