My Sweet Marie

Shopping With Mom

Posted on: April 22, 2013

Soon my God-daughter Jodie will marry and you know what that means? Yep, you got it, diets and shopping for the whole family! My sister Marg, sent an e-mail to my sisters asking if we’d like to join her in helping Mom find an outfit for her daughter’s wedding. Being that I have time on my hands right now, I replied with a “You betcha”. The time and date were set.

Since my mother lives almost two hours away I decided to go up the night before and spend some time with Mom and try to get a sense of what she would really like to wear to the wedding. She’s not a big fan of high heels or dresses so she was thinking a suit of some kind. We had a great evening and we got up early enough to have a good breakfast and be ready for Marg’s pick-up time.

Marg picked us up first, then we picked up Monique. Unfortunately Colette was working and not able to join us, too bad as we had some good laughs! Colette would have loved that and likely caused more laughter! The first laugh came when Monique was telling us the story of her lost pedometer. It turns out that like me, Monique has work-out underwear and everyday underwear. Where did we get this crazy idea?

 Well, one day she was out for a walk and lost her pedometer. She retraced her steps a couple of times but alas her new pedometer was gone for good, she thought. Little did she know that later when she went to the washroom and pulled down those famous exercise undies, did she find her pedometer! Her daughter came to the bathroom door thinking all that noise in there meant she was in distress only to find out that Monique was rolling on the floor with laughter as there sitting in her undies was the pedometer! I had to ask, just how big were these panties? Did you not sit down all afternoon or do you not have feeling in your rear end? Seriously you had a pedometer in your panties and couldn’t feel it?

By this point, we are at customs, about to cross the border and we are crying tears of laughter! It’s no wonder the customs guy let us through, he likely thought we needed a day of shopping! More laughs would soon follow when we finally got to the mall. First we had to find the mall and get Marg to slow down enough to take the right exit!

So, we decided on Macey’s to start out. We let Mom loose and she gave us a good idea of what she wanted to try on. We set her up in a fitting room and brought her all kinds of dresses,suits and skirts to try on. She tried on this one pink dress with coat to match which looked lovely but perhaps a bit snug in the mid-section. We all thought perhaps a spanx was all she needed. I went off in search of a pair and Marg and I decided to help her try them on as she was having trouble balancing it all. I have to tell you that I have not laughed like this in a long time. Picture this, Mom in the middle pulling up on the spanx, Marg in behind and me in front trying to pull these things up. Monique was standing outside the room laughing at us all! It was so funny as she said, has it occurred to any of you that perhaps they’re too small? If it takes three people to pull up a pair of spanx then they’re too small?

Finally we gave up on the spanx and Mom went with the pantsuit. It looks beautiful on her and the colors are great, it’s stylish and it just screams MOM! She will be comfortable and look great, I’d say we were a success! The best part is it didn’t break the bank and she was so happy to get that job done!

Now I have to find me a dress! That’ll be whole other story I am sure!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie



2 Responses to "Shopping With Mom"

I loved this story. You girls sound like a great bunch. Your Mom must have given you all her sense of humour.

Oh I think so, we laughed so much, it was good fun!!

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