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Lunching With The Kids!

Posted on: April 13, 2013

On Friday I woke up feeling lonely! Denis was away and not expected back till Sunday so I called up the Melanie and said “come on over for lunch”, it didn’t take long for her to agree! I’m pretty sure a free lunch that she didn’t have to make could be about anything at all and she’d come! Who can blame her?  So they came over and we nibbled on salad, soup and I made the girls grilled sandwiches! Evelyn got a grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich which was getting rave reviews. Evelyn is 14 months old and I asked her if the sammich was good and she answers with a whole-hearted “Yesh”, I guess that’s good! Holly got a grilled PBJ and that got me mediocre reviews, I didn’t know Holly had never had jam before! What? What 4-year-old hasn’t had jam? who knew? Jim was loving the ‘chili soup’, I made a pot of soup with chili in mind but didn’t want chili, I wanted soup and it turned out real good! I’ll blog the recipe soon.

After lunch, I told Mel and Jim to go to their errands an I’d play with the girls. I love having the grand-kids to myself! We laughed and giggled and danced,what more can a woman ask for in life? Well, if you’re asking…no I won’t draw up a list!

Evy had a nap while Holly and I painted, then we played play-doh, made a puzzle,  then we watched the Care Bear movie, oh my, we had some fun! The paintings were extra fun as Holly ‘finger’ painted which means she covered her hands in paint then smeared it! Oh my! Thank you God for soap!

Not long after Mel and Jim left, I got a call from Melissa, she was asking what I was doing Saturday for lunch? Gotta love it, I said come on over thinking I’d be home alone again, I was thrilled to have company! Turns out Denis was home early but he was just as happy to see the kids and Melissa as I was! The kids were happy that Pepe was home too as he makes the best KD apparently, I’m ok with that! Blake had to check out Pepe’s new red truck, the sierra! It passed inspection, phew!

Of course when the kids come over they expect craft time, that would be my doing! So we got the markers, the bingo dabber and paper and they went to town! Give a kid a dabber and you’ll be surprised what you end up with! Blake made a pic that looks like a butterfly, very cool! Heidi got out the beads, I need to hide these, what a mess, beads all over! But she made a bracelet and it is lovely!

Well now that they’ve all gone home, I’ve cleaned the mess up and I need a nap! Here’s to those kiddies! I love them with all my heart!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Lunching With The Kids!"

I just loved hearing about you and the grand kids. It was almost like being part of the fun.I’m going to get to spend some time with my three year old nephew tomorrow. I love the bingo dabber idea. Thanks

Glad you like it! The dabbers come in handy here! Blake especially likes the dabbers, not sure what it is, they all seem to have their faves! Spending time with the grand-kids is like putting new batteries in me! It recharges me!

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