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Obesity in Children

Posted on: April 5, 2013

Last night I watched an episode of Lisa Ling’s that we had PVR’d and it was all about childhood obesity! It was originally aired in January but we were away and only now catching up with all these PVR’d shows! I was frightened to hear that 1 in 3 children in America is overweight and 1 in 6 is obese! That is outrageous in this day and age! We are supposedly in the time of information. Information is available at all times, why are we not getting it? People do your research!

There was one 12-year-old girl on there that was 350 lbs, hello? I get that as a mother we don’t want to admit that our child has an issue but really are we not setting them up for failure in the future? It is almost certain that she’ll be obese as an adult now! We need to snap out of it and wake up! We’ve got our heads buried in the sand and we need to help these kids out! I know how difficult it is to stay healthy as an adult, imagine a child having the parent buying pop tarts, chips and ice cream, what are they to do? It’s all about education, stop buying the crap!

I have a 12-year-old niece that I saw on the weekend at our Easter celebration. Her weight had got as high as 190 lbs, when she walked in, I did not recognise her! She has lost 43 lbs so far, and she is doing this all on her own! She finally decided that this is enough and stopped eating junk! She does Pilates every morning, eats 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks every day and she walks after school! By doing it right, she is setting herself up for success! She looks amazing and is feeling great! She tells me she has more energy, is happier and all around feeling better! Now if a 12-year-old can do it, I can! My 12-year-old niece has inspired me to get into better shape. I like to think that I am fit but the truth is, I am still overweight. With her inspiration, I can do it!

My dear readers, if you have an overweight child, please open your eyes and help them out! Get a doctor’s advice and find yourself a good nutritionist! If your child cries for more food, as the  100 lb 4 year-old did on Lisa Ling’s special, then hand them a piece of fruit or veggie sticks! Don’t hand them a Twinkie because you feel bad, you are not helping them! You feeling guilt is what got them fat in the first place! A small child does not need a lot of food, it needs healthy veggies,proteins, fruits and exercise, that’s all! And no sodas! What is wrong with a glass of water? Give them water or milk but please limit the juice and no pop! A small child should not even know what pop taste like!

Ok now I am preaching, but really if you can catch Lisa Ling’s special, it will open your eyes and perhaps you can save a child! To my beautiful Leah, I am so very proud of you, you go girl!

Healthiest regards,

Sweet Marie



2 Responses to "Obesity in Children"

Congratulate Leah for me.That amount of weight loss is a major accomplishment and a better investment for her future success than money in the bank!

will od. She is a remarkable young lady, only 12 and an accomplishment like this…imagine!

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