My Sweet Marie

Good Friday, the Tradition Continues

Posted on: March 30, 2013

Growing up in a restaurant meant life often revolved around the Restaurant’s schedule. This meant that often the holiday parties were planned by us kids as Mom and Dad were too busy. Good Friday was one the top 5 days of the year for the restaurant so unfortunately we often spent it without them. On the bright side though, we had unlimited access to some pretty sweet deals on the fish! Sometimes they would even provide us with all of the fish! Most times Mom would make an effort to come and spend some time with us before rushing back to cook up a pile of fish for her many customers! It was nothing to serve 600 people in a 4 hour span!

Right until a few years ago, all of my siblings would gather for the Good Friday holiday at one or another’s home and fry up a mess of fish, frog legs, shrimps or anything that came from Lake Erie! With the family growing leaps and bounds in the last five years, it became impossible for us to hold our fish frys as a group any longer! When we are gathered with all of the siblings and their kids, we are now about 55 people! That’s a whole lot of fish frying and you need a big house to seat all these people!

Having said that, the tradition continues as yesterday I know of at least three siblings that had their own fish frys with their families and likely a few added extras! At my place, I had my kids and few extras with a grand total of 14! We had a lovely dinner with all helping out and chipping in, we had a feast!

We had shrimp Diablo, scallops, pan-fried perch, Cajun pickerel, breaded basa and Texas tilapia! We had the usual sides and some lovely desserts too! Mel made some GF corn flake nests complete with green coconut grass that were enjoyed by all! I made some cotton candy ice cream and that was a hit too! It was all gloriously delicious and devoured up!

I shall post some of the recipes for the fish so that you can enjoy them too! I hope you had a lovely Good Friday and have traditions of your own too!

Sweetest regards,
Sweet Marie


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