My Sweet Marie

15 Appetizer ideas for GF guests

Posted on: March 19, 2013

With another holiday right around the corner people will again ask me, “what can I serve you?’ I have gluten and dairy allergies so the cream cheese dips just don’t work for me! So if you have gluten and/or dairy intolerant family or friends, here are 15 ideas for you to prepare them! if you need recipes for them, look under my appetizers category and they should all be there for you! Easy peasy…have a tasty holiday.

  1. Guacamole and nachos
  2. Bruschetta and serve with gluten-free crackers,nachos or toasted g.f. baguette slices
  3. Use PC herb and garlic goat cheese spread instead of cream cheese in your recipes!
  4. crackers with goat’s cheese and top with a dried fig or date
  5. nuts, plain or toasted in sugar
  6. Salsa and nachos
  7. Shrimp grilled or shrimp cocktail
  8. Devilled eggs
  9. Mini sausage bites wrapped in bacon (be sure there are no wheat crumbs in the sausages)
  10. Thai fresh rolls using rice wrappers
  11. Chicken wings
  12. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts
  13. Jalapenoes stuffed with goats cheese
  14. Hummus served with gf crackers
  15. Cowboy caviar served with rice crackers or nachos

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