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Meme and Pepe Babysit…

Posted on: March 11, 2013

On Saturday Denis and I babysat the girls, Holly and Evy! Mel and Jim had a big night planned, an overnight date if you will! I remember when our girls were small, Denis and I would look forward to these dates for weeks! We were happy to help out!

So while Denis dropped Mel off at the train station, I got busy with the girls! Lunch was in order so cheezy bread it is, along with some hot dogs, cucumbers, grapes and each a glass of coconut milk, all were happy! Cheezy bread is simply bread with cheese and melted in the microwave! It’s not rocket science but they sure loved it! Hot dogs are not high on my healthy list but what the heck, I threw caution to the wind!

After lunch, I promised Evy a nap and Holly some good old-fashioned ice cream making! So once Evy was settled, Holly and I got cranking! Literally! We made cookies and cream ice cream, it’s not actually ice cream I guess if you’re using almond milk but it is to us! Once we got tired of cranking, we put the motor on and let the machine finish up for us while we watched Barbie’s Thumbelina movie! To be honest, I have no idea what the movie was about as I completely nodded off! But Holly loved it and that is what counts!

For dinner we made spaghetti, again a no-brainer! We try to keep it simple when we have the kids and make things they like! I did make peas and both the girls each and had some, so I figure I did my part! And of course for dessert, we had our ice cream! I even had gluten-free cones on hand to scoop in the ice cream! I gave Evy an empty cone but my dear husband  gave Evy a bit of ice cream and I think we should not have done that as we paid dearly later for it!

Once Evy had her bath she was ready for bed! I swear if she could talk, she would have asked me “what are you waiting for Meme, get me to bed”? So we obliged and put her to bed and Holly had a popcorn snack while watching a bit of telly before bed! We read a couple of stories and ta-da off to la-la land she went as well! I said to Denis, there that’s not so hard is it? I should have kept my mouth shut!!

Little Evy woke up just as we were crawling into bed, and needed to cuddle a bit to calm down, no worries I can do this. I was sitting with her and I had my nose buried in her hair and I thought this why God has babies smell so good, so we don’t lose patience with them! luckily she smelled real good as I did this about five  times throughout the night!

When morning came, Denis got up and made breakfast for Holly as Evy and I were both still asleep! On her last wake-up I just brought her to bed with me and that’s where she stayed till she woke up in the morning! I should have done this the first time! Live and learn!

Heidi and Blake came to visit the girls along with Melissa in the morning and we did an Easter craft together! That’s my sneaky trick to keep them busy, crafts! I did it with my kids and I do it with the grand-kids, they love it and they have something to take home! There’s always a holiday to have a theme around so it’s not that hard to do!

Needless to say, the girls were very happy to see their Mom and Daddy, almost as much as we were! Mel and Jim had fun, recharged their batteries and we had a fun time with our grand-kids, a win-win in our books!

I hope this March break you will have some grand-kid times!

Sweet Marie


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