My Sweet Marie

Playing in Playa!

Posted on: March 7, 2013

On Sunday, very early morning,  we returned home from 10 days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It’s Thursday and I am still trying to get back in the groove! I cannot get that warm sunshine out of my mind, I just want more! I still have that sleepy, lazy feeling you get when on holidays, I cannot shake it, someone yell at me! Please!

Before you ask, no we are not afraid when in Mexico! The Playa Del Carmen area is the safest in all of Mexico. For those of you who vacation states side, I should point out that the murder per capita rate in the US is much higher than Mexico as well! We absolutely feel safe while we are on holiday there and someday we will make that our winter home! Many, many Canadians already have! I spoke more french there then I do here!

My favourite part of the holiday were our relaxing days on the beach. We would take long strolls on the beach till we could go no more then plonk ourselves down and rest till we wanted to move on. If we were lucky there was a beach bar close by for a margarita or beer! Let’s just say we made a point of finding those little beach bars!

You can’t go to Mexico  and not experience the fabulous food! By far El Fagon is our favourite because the food is always fresh, tasty and insanely cheap! We branched out this time and had the beef shish kebabs which they call brochettas, wow…gastronomic explosion in your mouth, very good! Our next fave would be Pirate Pollo, they have the slow roasted whole chickens that come with rice, beans and tortillas, soooo good! It cost about 100 pesos, which is less than $10 and lasts us 2 meals! That’s dining on the cheap!

For the first time this year we rented a car for a couple of days! I got to be the driver and I have to say, it’s no different then Canada except that you have to remember they look at a stop sign as a suggestion, they may slow down slightly but they do not come to a full stop, so be careful if you choose to stop! Also, if you are the passenger, I suggest you do not point things out to the driver, she may stop right in the middle of the highway, I’m just saying…don’t do it!

When travelling I like to take in new things, I try to notice the birds, are they different from home? The floral, trees and flowers just seem so much greener there. I like to take notice of the people and how they may do things differently then us and see if that would fit into my life at home, for example they go to the beach later in the day when the sun is not so hot…makes sense doesn’t it? We did more of that once we caught on!

Well I think it’s time for a siesta, another thing I learned from them!

Buenas tardes!

Sweet Marie


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