My Sweet Marie

A Day With Mom!

Posted on: February 15, 2013

Recently my step-father Fred passed away, he had been in hospital for weeks and sadly died after a lengthy battle with congestive heart disease. The long drive back and forth to hospital took its toll on Mom and it took her a couple weeks to recoup! On Wednesday I went to her place to help her out and we had a sleepover!

I don’t know if you’ve had a sleepover at your Mother’s lately but you might want to consider it! I had such fun and I think she’d tell you that she did as well! We started out with a nice drive, in the sunshine, to Windsor to meet Colette for lunch at Shin Shin’s. The drive gave us time to catch up and with it being just her and i, there weren’t many interruptions!

Lunch at Shin  Shin’s is always delicious, it doesn’t matter what you order! I had the squid, Mom had beef and Colette had shrimp! It isn’t hard to screw up squid but mine’s was tender, spicy and sooo good! Thank you chefs at Shin Shin’s! Of course lunch was a jumble of conversations, jumping tracks right and left! One second you’re talking about Fred, the next we’re talking vacations! Really it was hard to keep up! After hugs and kisses, we and Colette,  say good-bye and went our separate ways.

On the way back, Mom says she’d like me to meet her Timmy friends. These are ladies that she meets at Tim Horton’s in Tilbury a couple of times a week! There’s Alice that has a hilarious laugh, Brenda who sat by the window and kept an eye out for who’s coming in, Donna who had some good advice for Mom and Judy who made me laugh a few times! They are all lovely women and I am so grateful that Mom has these friends that she can chat with and who make her smile! Unfortunately we missed out on Aunt Cecile and Sharmyn who generally join the ladies as well, oh well, maybe next time!

For dinner that night, I whipped up some pan-fried pickerel and green beans and cole slaw! Does it get any better than that? Mom is a perfectly great cook but I wanted to cook for her and let her relax, she’s still building her strength up, so why not? We totally enjoyed our fish, with hmms and ahhs all round!

We turned on the tv to watch Survivor but I’m not convinced that Mom was following! I don’t think she was impressed much by it, we’ll see if she’s watching it next Wednesday! We even had a few chips to go with our show, a real treat for both of us!

The next morning we got to work! We cleaned out Fred’s dresser, reminiscing the whole time. Mom would make a comment about how much Fred liked this shirt or that and how much she hated this one  or where that one came from. I let her go on all she wanted as I figure it’s what she needed! We didn’t get to the closet yet but I think we’ll do that one next time!

After a nice healthy lunch of chicken noodle soup, I had to bid her adieu! London was calling out to me! Time to get home, I guess! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Mom and plan to do many more! I use to hate that I live far from her but today I am glad I do cause I got to sleep over when I visited!

Sweetest regards,,

Sweet Marie


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