My Sweet Marie

Living with the Praying Family!

Posted on: February 7, 2013

Let me start by just saying that growing up, I was raised as a good Catholic girl! You memorized your prayers and never wavered from them! You said them over and over again until you remembered them by rote.  I can’t say though that I ever prayed with my family, not that I can remember.  Yes, we all went to church together every Sunday, all of us sat in a pew together, Mom and Dad and eight little blond heads! We looked innocent enough!

Recently while in Australia, I found myself living with a family to whom I was practically a stranger! They were incredibly hospitable, kind and generous! What amazed me most were their prayer meetings in the morning, the whole family. I found it touching to say the least.

I don’t know how common this is, as I’ve never experienced anything like it, so truly I may sound a bit like an idiot here! Forgive me if I do. They would gather in the family room, sit around and discuss who they needed or wanted to pray for. I was incredibly touched when I was included in these prayers.

They would start with the youngest child, and then one by one they would talk to God and ask for healing for the sick, patience with loved ones, guidance for surgeons, strength for family needing it, and so on. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed, it was truly lovely.

I thought to myself, why didn’t I do this with my family, children? Are there many people out there doing this? If not, why not? Why are people so afraid to pray to God? If you’re not doing this, I hope you’ll try it and pray with your loved ones, you could help so many!

I was with them for six short days but feel as though I have known them a lifetime, they have changed how I think about prayer and I how look at life. I only hope that someday they can come to Canada and I can repay their kindness!

Love to you all in Australia!

Sweet Marie


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