My Sweet Marie

Oh The things They’ll Say!!

Posted on: February 5, 2013

Recently I have been spending quite a bit of time with the grand-kiddos and I have had a few giggles! I thought I’d share the love with you all! last week we cared for Heidi and Blake while Mom and Dad took reprieve in the hot and sunny Mexico!

We had 4 days and nights with them and daily I dropped Heidi off at school and then Blake and I would spend the day together! On one such day, Blake was busy entertaining the cat and I was in the kitchen getting ready for dinner or lunch, who can remember and thinking I was by myself, I let a rip-roaring good fart go! I mean, we’re talking thunderous! Blake comes running in the kitchen and says “Is Pepe home?” I just laughed and say “oh sorry, that was me!” to which he replied “Whoa, you fart like a boy!” I loved that, and am still smiling cause of it!

Heidi regaled us nightly of stories of Marco, their new puppy or school or anything at all, as long as she had the floor! Blake interrupted as often as possible, not to be undersold! dinner time can be quite a challenge with most kids but really these kids eat almost anything! I find chicken and rice is safe for all and make it often for them!

Holly was over today and we watched the twelve dancing princesses together, we did crafts and then had dinner! Normally Holly is big on sausages but I forgot these were a bit spicy and she wasn’t quite impressed.  The gnocchi didn’t go over well either, I am not impressing this kid tonight! Luckily, I have a stash of gluten-free pretzels and have saved the day! Phew that was close! who cares that she didn’t eat dinner…she can go back to rules tomorrow at home and I am pretty sure that her Mommy is too busy with the baby to read the blog!!

Today when we got home, Holly says  can I go play with my cousin Stephanie? I had to laugh as Stephanie is a neighbor and we love her dearly so I think Holly just assumes she’s family! so I said sure, when Steph gets home we’ll see if she wants to play with her cousin Holly! You just have to go with it sometimes!

Well, time to read a bedtime story to Princess Holly as she is pooped!

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Marie


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