My Sweet Marie

Rest In Peace Fred

Posted on: January 27, 2013

While I was in Australia I would get regular updates via e-mail and Skype regarding my step-father Fred. Towards the end of my holiday they were getting graver and graver. I was completely naive to think I’d make it home in time to say my final good-bye.

Fred has been a step-father to me for almost 19 years. When we first met, he loved to cook, was a Mr.fix-it and loved to create projects with wood. We have a wooden bench that he made for us and now I will always think of him when I sit on it to get my shoes on! Once he married Mom the cooking eased off and she took over all the cooking! She just can’t help herself!

Fred had been in hospital for the last month with congestive heart disease. His organs were not working and it was causing him serious issues. He was to fight his last battle in that Chatham hospital that served the lousiest food ever if you asked him!

While on Skype with Denis on Sunday morning(Australia time), his phone rang and I told him to grab it. It was our brother-in-law Ken calling to tell him of Fred’s passing. There was no need for him to tell me as I read it all over his face. This was not a fun moment for me as I was a million miles away! Thankfully I had Jane there to hug me and I just laid low the rest of the day.

Sadly by the time the funeral arrangements were made it was Tuesday Australian time and I could no longer be in Canada by Wednesday! I would have had to leave early Tuesday morning to make it. So while I was in travel on Wednesday, my family was gathered for Fred’s final hurrah. As I passed the time inflight, I couldn’t help but ponder and think of Fred. I said my good-byes in the air and hoped that Fred would understand.

Fred was a constant in our lives for the past 19 years and one thing you could count on was his opinion! I often laughed with him about politics or if I wanted to really get his goat, I’d say something about John Deere. John Deere was his favourite product by far and swore that anybody that used anything else was nuts! He’d go on about for quite a while if you let him!

Fred will be missed most by my mother Bev. Her and Fred married 10 years ago but have been together for almost 19 years. They took care of one another in their own way which is how it should be. They were great companions often playing rummy till a fight broke out!

Fred left behind a daughter Shirley, her husband Brian, their three sons Brandon, Brett and Bradley. He also left behind his son Jamie and wife Maria and their two kids Samantha and Nicholas.

Let’s not forget that Fred also leaves behind my 7 brothers and sisters and our many children and grand-children! I’m sure he was met at the pearly gates by not only his parents but by our nephew David who was likely on a Harley!

Fred, I am sure you are in heaven now, enjoying all the chocolate chip cookies you can muster, walking freely without a worry and looking down on us all and bragging what a great family you had! We’ll miss you Freddy!

With love,

Sweet Marie


1 Response to "Rest In Peace Fred"

Anne-Marie, I am so sorry for your loss, but have no doubt that Fred would have heard your good-byes from the skies. I hope your mum is doing OK.. Speak soon.

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