My Sweet Marie

Australia Part #3

Posted on: January 27, 2013

Day 7, Thursday Jan.17 turned out to be a scorching hot day. It was 42 Celsius which is HOT ! We didn’t do much this day as it was just too hot to get out much without exhausting yourself!

The next day though, the sun came up and the temp was just perfect once again! We ran a few errands that day, met another friend, Sarah for lunch and had a lovely visit. Later that day Carol, another friend of Jane’s was coming in for the weekend from Sydney. She’s actually a school friend of Jane and Russ’s and they’ve all moved to Australia from England and have kept in touch. While Jane was out picking her up at the airport, I threw dinner together and Russ grilled up a beauty of a dinner! I will have to post the marinade for the lamb chops, very yummy! The foil packet potatoes were a hit too!

On Saturday we all headed for Victor harbor and that was a blast! Here we found a little farmers market and I got to sample some local fare. That is one common denominator no matter where I travelled in Australia, everyone is so friendly, it was no different at this market. Here we sampled wine, dukkah, jams, fruits, juices, sauces, you name it, we likely put it in our mouths! We ended up buying a case of wine as it was so cheap!

While in Victor harbor we walked over to Granite Island, there’s a long bridge to the island and then we walked all around the island. It’s only about a 45 minute walk and after days of not being able to move because of my nasty back,(only a week before) I was grateful to stretch and walk the whole way without any pain! That was a nice walk! The views from all spots were tremendous Kodak moments! There were trees for Astrid and Akira to climb, rocks to scale and grass to stomp! We saw penguins on this walk too, that took me by surprise! Penguins in Australia? I thought they liked the cold? Who knew?

That very night after driving home and finding out we had a flat, we packed a picnic while Russ fixed the tire! We then headed for McLaren Vale’s Visitor Center for an outdoor show of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream. It was an amazing performance with a bit of a comedic twist that I didn’t expect and all the while we nibbled on our picnic, sipped from local wine and had a great giggle with my new-found friends!

I’d like to say the wine ended at the performance but no when we got home, Carol, myself, Jane and Russel decided we needed to make a dent in that case of wine we bought! We spent some time getting to know one another whilst refilling one another’s glasses….often! We all told stories of our families, jobs, travels and our friends.  We were up quite late as we laughed and even dabbed our eyes a few times but I feel that I really got to know these people this  night and am so happy that I did! Needless to say, Sunday was a bit of a quiet day!

My time was coming to end soon, only two days left to spend with my new-found friends! To be continued….again!

Sweet Marie



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