My Sweet Marie

Australia Continued

Posted on: January 27, 2013

And so the fun continued, I was grabbing at any chance at the sun that I could get in the first few days! It just seems brighter, warmer and oh so inviting! Coming from the cold and dark winter we are having in Canada, this was a dream!

Our first day trip was to Urimbirra, check it out at . Here I got to not only see kangaroos but I got to feed them with my bare hands, hug them like they are domesticated pets! it was beyond my dreams! Akira was in his element, he loves these animals, it was so special to share this experience with him. I have a photo of him hugging the roos and you just see the joy, I love it!

Also at Urimbirra we got to mingle with the Koalas. We all took turns posing with them, petting them and just taking it all in. They loved the eucalyptus branches they were being fed and chowed down while we were all poking about! I have never seen a koala bear before, let alone hug one, grateful indeed I was.

There also was a beautiful aviary where we saw many of the native birds of Australia. We saw lorikeets, parrots, gallaws, egrets, ibis, emus etc! I was in Kodak heaven!! When you’re at Urimbirra you also must check out the reptiles, and I have to admit, they are my least favourite animals but when in Aussie…so I did, I checked out the snakes, crocs, bats, wombats, echidnas and iguanas! Some of these creatures I had never seen and I am glad that I did. Astrid and Akira took great joy in my fear of them too!

The following day I took the kids to the beach, on my own in Russell’s car! I was a bit nervous but we did just fine. Truthfully it’s a few blocks away so it’s not much of a feat but one none the less! The day was sunny and hot, we lathered ourselves with sunscreen and loaded the car with enough beach stuff to entertain ten families!

Astrid was happy to build a sand castle while Akira and I played catch! I may have surprised him with my good throwing arm! Once we were all toasty enough, we headed for the ocean for some body-boarding! Yep, another first for me. The kids loved teaching me how to time the wave just right and let it take you away! These kids are naturals at anything they do, what is up with that? By the end of the day we all three of us, had skinned knees from missing waves and hitting the bottom! I said who needs a souvenir t-shirt when we all have matching knees? They got a little chuckle out of that!

After slathering on more sunscreen we headed for the “general store” where they serve fresh chips! We call them french fries at home but hey, when in Aussie..We got a minimum order as they cal it, grabbed a picnic table and nibbled away! Really? Eating chips, staring out at he beautiful blue sea, smelling that fresh sea air, can life get any better? I reminded the kids that they were incredibly blessed to be able to live here and they totally agreed with me. I liked that they are grateful. So believe it or not, we went back to our spot and took in even more of that beautiful sun, fresh air and peace and quiet that the beach will bring!

That night I went to a scrapbooking night with Jane and her friend Susan. Who knew this could be so much fun? We had some good laughs and a great dinner made by Susan and her hubby David.  Jane and Susan were very generous with their supplies, their knowledge and expertise in giving me ideas on how to set the page up.  Jane printed off a few pics from Urimbirra so that I could do a page about that experience, I have to say, I did pretty good for a beginner! My sister Monique would have been in her element in this craft space! It was only day 6 and I was having a great time!

To be continued…

Sweet Marie


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