My Sweet Marie

Australia And All It’s Splendour

Posted on: January 27, 2013

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, I have been away to Australia for a couple of weeks and really wasn’t connected much to technology. Also, I was too busy having fun to be writing! So here’s the first edition of my Australia stories and recipes!

The journey to Australia was a long and tiresome one. I left home on Wed. Jan 9th at 6 p.m. and arrived on Friday Jan.11th at 2p.m. It’s about a 30 hour trek but you gain a day halfway across the ocean! Even though it is a long trek, I would still go back in a heartbeat!

We were greeted at the airport by Russell, Patricia’s son. He gave us a the ten-cent tour of the city as it went by us but truly we were so wiped, I’m not sure how much clicked. The one thing that stuck with me was their expressway. The expressway travels one way for morning traffic and the other way for afternoon rush hour traffic. How smart is that? It moves the incoming and outgoing traffic quickly and efficiently! That is cool.

He drove us to our cottage and on the way there he took us for a spin on the beach, I was amazed that we could just drive right up on the beach, the longest prettiest beach I’ve seen! At Patricia’s request he took us back to the cottages to drop our things, freshen up and change for a dinner at their home.

For dinner they served us BBQ chicken kebabs, grilled g.f. sausages, watermelon salad, and a lovely green salad! I had never had a watermelon salad, it was so good, I had to get the recipe! I will share with you all shortly! It’s the perfect hot weather accompaniment to any dinner! Not exactly a winter dish but it is summer in Aussie!

We had a lovely dinner getting to know one another, sharing stories of our long flight, and hearing the children share stories too! Astrid is a 10 year-old girl that is the prettiest tomboy I have ever met! She’s smart, funny and loves her leggos! She had me wrapped around her little finger, she did! She is a veracious reader that was reading Lord Of The Rings on her Kobo while we were there! Akira is the 13 year-old son who is a gifted musician who entertained us with some piano and he shared some funny stories too.

Jane was a fantastic hostess, filling us in on what to expect in Aussie, making sure to remind us to wear sunscreen and to drink lots of water! She was anxious to hear what we’d like out of this trip and my main ‘want’ for the trip was to see kangaroos! Little did I know… they see roos hopping like we see reindeer running across the roads!

Over the next few days we shopped for supplies, filled our cottages with our needs and basically familiarized ourselves with our surroundings. We spent a lot of our time hanging out with Jane and Russell and the kids playing cards, games and on Astrid’s new drum set!

I had driving lessons to learn how to drive on the right hand side of the car, this is not as easy as one would imagine! With time though I did get better. In Aussie they have a lot of these roundabouts, I must admit, I don’t get them!  so I drove just to the beach and back and pretty well that’s all we needed me to know!

That about covers my first few days in Aussie, the fun had just begun!

Warmest regards,

Sweet Marie


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