My Sweet Marie

Count Your Blessings Part Deux!

Posted on: January 7, 2013

I have a limited time sitting at my computer because of my recent back issues so I thought I’d expand on my blog yesterday about counting our blessings and how important I think it is to acknowledge them! If you’re a regular reader then you know that I am very blessed when it comes to family, I have two wonderful daughters, two great son-in-laws and four fantabulous grand-children too! But have I mentioned my hubby of late?

Well, let me just tell you that had it not been for him in the last few days, I’m not sure how much better my back would be. He has carried me, literally, through this challenging experience! He has encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t get up or sit down or even just roll over in bed. He has cooked for me, has done my laundry, has gotten me this or that whenever I asked! I have to say that I am very impressed as he never once lost patience with my whining or my sudden yelps! I know that should be a given but really people, is it? Have you ever nursed someone when they are sick? It ain’t fun, let’s get real! We’ve been married thirty-two years and I didn’t know he had this much of a nurturing side to him, for that I definitely count my blessings!

We all have blessings, some may think their jobs or their homes are blessings, I guess that’s true too. But whatever it is, look around you and everyday, look around yourself again and be grateful for what you have! You likely have technology of some sort at your availability if you’re reading this, be grateful for that! You likely just had a meal of some kind, be grateful for that. Did someone prepare it for you or shop for the ingredients? I am always grateful when someone cooks for me as it is a rarity in my home to have me fed by someone else!

In these Canadian winters it’s easy to slip into the winter blues, we lack sunshine! But it will help if you can just pause for a moment and say “what do I have that I am grateful for?”  Well, what do you?

Soon, I will be filling my body and soul with all the sunshine I can muster up in Australia, I will try to blog from down under and pass on those rays! First, I have to go rest my back so that I can withstand that very long travel to reach that sunshine!

Yours in gratitude,

Sweet Marie


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