My Sweet Marie

Magical time Of The year!

Posted on: December 22, 2012

It’s that magical time of the year where the children are all excited, there’s snow on the ground, Christmas decorations and lights twinkle all throughout the neighborhood and every woman you see has that ‘deer in the headlights’ look in her eyes! Why do we go so crazy?

I go out of my way to shop,wrap,decorate and bake early so that I don’t have to be in the malls this time of the year and what do I do? I get a job where I shop and run errands for a very lovely lady! I must be nuts!! Yesterday I went and ran a few errands for Patricia and on any normal day it would have taken me an hour, well it took almost three! I’m sure Patricia thought I ran off with her car and her credit card! I was an hour  in Chapters alone, just to get 4 little items! But I happen to know that those 4 people will be very grateful for those gifts they receive from her, they are thoughtful gifts.

However, on the flip side, this time of year is just magical with the grand-kids and how they are so excited about Santa and all the excitement surrounding the holidays! Yesterday I was chatting with Heidi and she is quite excited to get to tomorrow’s party for my family! You see, we’re a large clan and she has many aunts and uncles so she only knows the names of a few, but she loves the whole thing, all the people and the food, oh she likes that too! Rumour has it that Santa is going to make an appearance and she’s gotten wind of it and can’t wait to see him! I hope he’s ready for it all!

I was speaking with Holly this morning and she is glad we finally have snow for Santa to land his sleigh, she was quite concerned about this even with repeated assurances that Santa has a special sleigh for when there’s no snow! She’d have none of it so lucky for us, we now have snow! Phew! She also told me she was going to be a witch for Christmas and I am hoping she’s mixing up the holidays and not planning to give us a hard time! You see she was a Santa for Hallowe’en so perhaps we’ll forgive the confusion!

Blake well, he’s excited for Santa but frankly, if there’s food, and people, Blake is in! Their father has a much smaller family so when they come to this particular party where every member of our family should be there, it quite shocking to them! We will number close to 60 this year! We now gather at a hall so that there’s room to run for the kids, and for us all to mingle and eat in one room!

Let the parties begin!

Merry Christmas all!

Sweet Marie


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