My Sweet Marie

The Funny Things They Say

Posted on: December 15, 2012

I know I’ve been negligent about posting lately, my only excuse is lack of time! Really can we not get a few more hours a day at this time of year? If only I didn’t need sleep! Trust me, I need sleep! You do not want me in your house if I am sleep deprived!! So bottom line, the blog has been the thing I had to go easy on! So here’s today’s humour!

In the last week I have seen all the grand-children and/or spoken to them on the phone! I love the phone chats as kids are very free to say what’s on their minds when they talk on the phone and I am ready and willing to listen! Heidi told me today on the phone that she wanted a bracelet that glows in the dark and it does all these tricks and I said oh my, I don’t know if Santa will be able to come up with that, her reply? ” Don’t worry Meme, those elves can do anything!” Let’s just hope she’s dropped that one by Xmas! She asked me what I was doing today and when I said I’d be baking, she made sure that I’d be doing some gluten-free baking for Holly. Little does she know, I only did gluten-free baking!

The other day Holly phoned and in her sweet little voice she said “Hiiiii Meme!” when I answered, she says ” I called cause I just wanted to hear you!” Oh my, I said, I just wanted to talk to you, how lucky! And she replies ” OH thank you Meme!” Really? she is three years old!

Last week, I had Blake and Heidi over for a sleepover. We baked some cookies, ate pizza and did a Christmas craft. We had these little foam gingerbread people, and you stick on their eyes, buttons, or whatever and Blake puts one eye on his and exclaims, look I have a pirate gingerbread man! Seriously, the kid is three! That cracked me and Denis up! Heidi decorated hers to look exactly like the picture and her little gingerbread house was done perfectly as well, she made one for everyone as she never leaves anybody out that girl!

Today, Holly came over for a visit while Mommy and Daddy ran some errands, wink,wink and we did some baking and crafts again! We made the same foam crafts as Blake and Heidi did and she had a real good time covering every inch with little bits! While doing crafts, she explained to me that Santa flies all over the world with his reindeer and he goes down the chimney to bring her toys.  She said she’d share her cookies with Santa and she is intent on saving her carrots for Rudolph too! Anything to get out of eating those carrots!

Nothing makes me happier than to sit and look at these kids, to hear their little voices tell me their version of a story and for them to share with me. What more can a person want in life? I cry at the thought that 20 grand-mothers in Connecticut were robbed of that this week and so many families torn apart. Please join me in a prayer for all of them.

God Bless.

Sweet Marie



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