My Sweet Marie

Celebrating the Ya-Ya’s

Posted on: November 4, 2012

If this is your first time reading, you wouldn’t know who the Ya-Ya’s are. The Ya-Ya’s are my best friends in the whole world, Paulette and Anita. We have been friends for a very long time and if I give you number it will only date me, so I pass on that!! Trust me, we were pals way back when penny candy meant you got two or three candies for a penny! I have many friends and I don’t mean to belittle those relationships, ALL my friends are special!

Actually I have given away my age many times so I am not ashamed to say we have all turned 50 this year! 1962 was a good year, on my birthday the Beatles recorded “Please, Please Me”, on Anita’s birthday Peter, Paul & Mary released their 1st hit “If I Had a Hammer” and on Paulette’s birthday Richard Nixon decided he wouldn’t be kicked around any longer and quit politics! What a year!

So, on Thursday the Ya-Ya’s gathered for a special night of reminiscing, catching up, nibbling, soaking in the hot tub and having a few sips! We had fun, had some very good laughs and as usual we jumped tracks a few times! We were planning our Ya-Hoo Christmas  party and frankly didn’t get much decided because we jumped tracks so many times! That made it a great night!

Friday morning which came far too early, started with coffee or tea depending on who you’re talking to, some lovely fruit and toast! It doesn’t need to be fancy to be good! When we get together we try to keep it simple, we all know what great cooks we all are, no need to impress in this group! After breakkie we all cleaned up and headed out the door for an adventure that Paulette had planned! I couldn’t wait!

The first stop was Cindy’s gift shop in Kingsville, look them up at  We had such fun in this store, Paulette alloted about 2 hours in there before our lunch reservation. Let me just tell you that we were late for lunch! I got a few unique Christmas gifts for the kiddies and my hubby…shh don’t tell them. They had everything from magnets to Christmas decorations, art, kitchen wares, the list goes on and on! We really had a blast laughing at some of the pieces that have those sayings that you think, but never say out loud! I wanted to buy them all and then the realist in me thinks, ok where would you put that?

Lunch was at Annabelle’s Tea room, also in Kingsville. It was superb! Paulette kept saying I hope they have something you can eat Marie, copying my exact thoughts, all the while knowing that she had made special inquiries making sure that, in fact they do have gluten-free bread and make adjustments for allergies with no trouble at all! It really is delightful when this happens. For those of you that have no allergies, you don’t know how lucky you are, you can walk into any restaurant and just have anything you want off the menu, thank God right now for that.

After lunch we headed back to Paulette’s to get our car and Anita and I had to head back to our realities. Mine was to pick up Holly for a sleepover, a whole other story of its own! Anita headed home to her family and its usual routines! I don’t know about the other girls but these nights away with my friends always rejuvenate me and make me feel happier than the day before, if that’s possible!

Thanks Paulette for an awesome Ya-Ya birthday party!

Sweet Marie


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