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Annabelle’s Tea Room in Kingsville,On

Posted on: November 3, 2012

As you may know, the Ya-Ya’s are celebrating their 50th birthdays this year and finally on Friday, Paulette, Anita and I went to Annabelle’s for lunch to have just one more celebration to commemorate the milestone! Monday is Paulette’s official birthday but scheduling required us to do it on Friday!

Let me just tell you that Paulette chose Annabelle’s because they have a few gluten-free options, which I didn’t know about! Paulette had gone online and found the menu and had corresponded with the owner to get the scoop! She tells me that they were very quick in responding and very helpful when she told them of my allergies. I don’t know about you, but I am VERY grateful when this happens.

So after much perusing of the tea menu, we decided on each a different tea! I went for cherry (surprise,surprise), Anita went for an apricot tea and Paulette went for Pumpkin spice…again…surprise,surprise! Just the night before she was sipping a creamy pumpkin drink! The teas arrived and after Anita and Paulette figured out they had each other’s teas, they made a switch and all was well! We chose to giggle over that little boo-boo and didn’t even mention it to the server!

Lunch was an even harder choice! Knowing we wouldn’t be back here for a while as we are all of out-of-town, it was a tough decision. The menu is an amazing array of choices! They have tasty soups,salads and sandwiches, exactly what should be at a tea room! Of course they have quiche but that’s so not gluten or dairy free! I did see a few go by and they looked and smelled wonderful!

I finally decided on the reuben on gluten-free bread served with a house salad with apple maple dressing! It was absolutely delicious!  I was in heaven! Paulette went for the homemade burger on rye bread, serve with kettle chips and salad! Anita went for the Londoner, and what a lunch it was! It looked awesome, a salmon sandwich served with salad and soup! I think they could make that a half sandwich and still the diner would be full! Have a look at their menu at . You’ll be wanting to take a drive real soon!

I also have to write about the decorating here, the attention to detail is simply amazing!  My sister Monique, who is an interior designer would love it! I’ve never been to England, but Annabelle’s is exactly how I would picture an English tea room to look! Antiques are everywhere, arranged in beautiful arrangements, hung on the wall, displayed so very uniquely! Check out the pictures online.

So, for your next sister’s luncheon, girlfriend day or just a night out with the hubby, I seriously suggest going to Annabelle’s in Kingsville,Ontario. We drove from London for the lunch and was well worth the trip! While you’re in Kingsville, stop in at Cindy’s gift store, a fun and unique shop to browse in! We did and picked up a few gifts for Christmas!

Happy dining,

Sweet Marie


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