My Sweet Marie

Mom and Her Girls!

Posted on: October 14, 2012

My mother has 4 girls and 4 boys! It’s always a competition between us to treat her well! The boys try hard but you know she loves us better!! (Insert tongue in cheek!) The boys think if they go and rake some leaves, clean her gutters or fix her car they’ll be better loved but we girls know how to show her a good time!!

Yesterday, Monique,Marg and Mom met Colette and I at Kohl’s somewhere in Michigan! I wasn’t driving so I have no idea where we were! Mom had told Colette a while back that she loves Kohl’s, hint well taken, Colette got on the horn with us girls and found a date that worked with all the girls, including Mom, and we waited for the day to arrive!

We got there early, thinking we’d beat the girls to the deals but shortly after we got there, we found Mom in the junior area! Colette soon took Mom by the arm and led her to the area where the clothes would ‘suit’ her better! Armed with a cart and wallet full of american currency, Mom made her way through the store like a bandit! She found all kinds of deals and even got herself a couple of pair of jeans, those new styling coloured ones! She got some shirts to match, socks..and on and on!

We eventually ran into Marg in the housewares area stocking up on sheets,towels, pillows and all that stuff! Monique can always be found in the decorating aisle checking it out! She is always looking for pieces that would work for this one or that one! You can usually find me in the children’s area, and this time I was stocking up for Blake’s birthday! Over all, we all got some great deals and were very happy with our morning at Kohl’s!

With the rain pouring down we headed for Clarkston for lunch! Colette took us to the Union Woodshop, a restaurant owned by Kid Rock and was once hosted on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It’s an amazing restaurant that features all kind of barbecue, smoked meats made on the premise, homemade bacon, wood oven pizzas, awesome salads, all kinds of very delicious foods. check out the link at by doing a search for Union Woodshop.

Colette decided on their famous burger, Marg had to have the wood oven pizza, Monique the BBQ chicken, Mom had the wings and wedge salad and I the smoked brisket! You get to choose your sides and with so many options I finally decided on the collared greens which were sooo good, and the baked beans!  Marg’s pizza came cold but she was soon served a fresh hot pizza! Everybody else had delicious meals! Mom’s salad really was a wedge, she made a joke that they must be under-staffed as the lettuce was a big chunk of Iceberg and all the fixens were on the side! I had to laugh and say “No Mom, I think they meant to do that!” European traveller Monique commented that in Europe they serve salad like that all the time! We had some good laughs over lunch, made a few messes and the time passed quickly with all the catching up we had to do!

So boys, Mom will be telling stories about the shopping trip for some time now, you’d better get thinking about new ways to get your brownie points! All kidding aside, spending time with my sisters and my Mother was such a nice way to spend on a rainy day, I will remember it always. Thank you Colette for organizing it and making it fun with that interesting car ride!

Warmest regards,

Sweet Marie


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