My Sweet Marie

Fitting It All In!

Posted on: October 6, 2012

Two months ago I started Goldentyme Senior Services. Right away I had one client and silly me was concerned about finding more clients! The moment I met Patricia I knew we clicked! We are two birds of a feather and get along great! Just a few weeks after I started working for her, she asked me to work full-time for her as her personal assistant! How could I resist?

I haven’t worked full-time in almost four years, it has taken me a few weeks to adjust, let me tell you! When I worked part-time, I would go to the gym at my leisure, visit with the grand-kids, lunch with the girls occasionally, do all my chores etc! Not anymore!! Now I am trying to fit it all in, but just this week I have come up with a plan!

So to all my sweet readers, I pledge to you that I will be writing more often…. I hope! I go to work earlier now and twice a week, I skip out for an hour and half to catch a couple of classes at the gym. Patricia doesn’t mind as her schedule is quite flexible! This also allows me more time in the evenings for walks with my sweetie and computer face time! Hence more writing!

So keep your eyes out for more recipes, more stories and rants! Is it just me or are people getting crazier on the roads? Really? It’s me? I had one woman the other day pull into the right hand turning lane at a stop sign then speed out in front of me like we were at the Indy 500…what the heck? Only to race to a red light? Really woman, you’re in that big of a hurry to get to a red light? That’s what I asked her when I pulled into the lane next to her, she didn’t have an answer, I guess she didn’t figure I’d catch up with her, duh! sorry, went off on a tangent there!

So, tomorrow there’ll be recipes and then well, I shouldn’t promise too much! Send me your requests and I’ll see about posting them for you all!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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