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Dining Gluten-Free From Here To Ann Arbor

Posted on: September 24, 2012

I generally don’t dine out very often, as I have so many allergies, that it is usually a real bother. Having said that, in the last week I have dined out 6 times! That’s a lot for most people! Being gluten intolerant can mean a not so fun experience in a restaurant but I have had a few nice surprises in the last week! Let me share with you!

I find it helpful to tell the server right off the bat that I have allergies and what is my best option today. At Buffalo Wild Wings I was pleasantly surprised to find them prepared for my questions! They had a list of all their menu items and which allergen is in each dish! Pretty impressive. I was so happy to see all of my options and had a great dinner! Check them out at !

Then a few days later I was invited to the Red Lobster with friends. The waitress was unsure of what to offer but quickly sent over the manager who was very educated and informed on the menu! He was able to point out several options and I was impressed with my options! Go to

On our way to Ann Arbor just a couple of days later, we stopped in Port Huron at Pompeii, an italian restaurant and was so very happy to hear they had gluten-free spaghetti! What a treat! I had a spaghetti dish with lemon and capers and chicken, lovely indeed! Check them out at next time you’re in Port Huron, their prices are reasonable, excellent service and delicious food!

The next day the Ya-ya’s lunched at Max and Erma’s. Again, they were prepared for my questions, even had a menu for gluten-free items! I had a delicious lunch of wings and salad, and even had a few nachos with guacamole! Check them out next time you are in Ann Arbor. They have delicious burgers too I am told!

For dinner that night, we decided on southwestern food. Prickly Pear is downtown Ann Arbor and if you like margaritas, you must have the golden ones! Oh my, very tasty! Their food is fresh and so very nicely presented adn tasty to boot! Go to

So in short, a good tip when dining with allergies, is to talk to the dining staff right up front. Tell them what your allergies are and if they are too cavalier, don’t be afraid to get up and leave! I have found most places are very accommodating and go out of their way to help out!

If I could give a bit of advice to the restauranteurs, I’d tell you to consider a gluten-free option for your bread baskets.(Just don’t put g.f. bread in with the regular breads) I have to say when everybody around you is eating bread and you’re not, it’s a less than fun experience. Perhaps you could keep a dozen of gluten-free rolls or some GF bread in the freezer, then just warm it up as needed. **You shouldn’t toast it unless you have a toaster that is committed to gluten-free bread only. Cross-contamination can be a deadly issue for celiacs.

One last tip for the restaurants, I have yet to find a restaurant that has a gluten-free and dairy free option for dessert. Again, it’s a drag when your whole group is eating cake, pie or cheesecake and making all these oohs and aahs and you’re sitting there just wishing you could join them. May I suggest a rice pudding made with coconut milk? Or a gelato? And apple crisp made with gluten-free oats and gf flours? You can find millions of gluten-free recipes online as well!

Well folks, I hope you all find this helpful and your next dining experience is fun,friendly and tasty!

Sweet Marie


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