My Sweet Marie

Happy Birthday Colette!

Posted on: September 9, 2012

Today is my sister Colette’s birthday! I should say my OLDER sister Colette as she’s always introducing me as her older sister but I am here to tell you that I am YOUNGER! Colette and I have always been close, we shared a double bed when we were little girls and so we had to share the blankets in the winter! We had to be close! Of course we have our little spats or time-outs! You ever have one of those with a sibling? Trust me, when you have seven siblings, time-outs are needed occasionally! Especially when you are all strong-willed like us!

My sister Colette is about the kindest woman you will ever meet! She will go way out of her way to help you out, give you her last dollar and then try to find a way to feed herself! She goes over and above to a fault! I remember once she got insulted as someone had left a food package on her doorstep at Christmas time, years ago when times were tough for her,and I explained to her that giving is a wonderful thing, but receiving graciously can be lovely too. She was so used to giving that receiving was uncomfortable for her.

Colette also has about the most exciting life going. She’s been hit by lightning, she’s had far more accidents than you want to know, she meets stars at random, she has phenomenal things happen all the time! She calls me quite often and before I can say hello, I’ll hear “you are not going to believe this”…I can’t tell you how many our phone calls have started this way!

Colette is many things and I could spend a lot of time writing about her, she is zany, she is a great cook, she is fun, she is funny, she is an intuitive, she is caring, she is a wonderful mother, sister,wife, aunt, daughter and friend. If you’re lucky enough to know her, you’ll know what I mean!

Having a sister is a gift, having three is phenomenal! I am a very lucky girl and I have four brothers to boot! I’m sure I can say for all of my siblings “Happy Birthday sister, we love you!”

Sweet Marie


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