My Sweet Marie

Back To School!

Posted on: September 4, 2012

Did you hear that collective sigh around 8:30 this morning? I was in a deep sleep and I swear I heard a world full of Moms sighing! Ah yes, my kids are grown but I remember the feeling of getting the kids back to school! It’s a great feeling of getting back to routine, the comfort of ‘normalcy’!

For the kids, depending on their age, it’s back to seeing their buddies and starting a fresh new year! For some, it’ll be the chance to start over with a new teacher which means a chance to clean the slate once again! Unless of course the teachers talk in the lunchroom, then kiss that plan good-bye!

For the retailers, it’s a chance to sell a whack of back-packs,jeans and running shoes! I remember as a child, my Mom would take us two at a time and get us a few new outfits, a new pair of shoes and usually a new school bag! It never occurred to me she had to do this with eight kids, imagine the cost? Today that would take you in the thousands! I had no idea, good for Mom for not throwing that down our throats like some people do!

As a Mom, I remember making the girls lunches and trying my best to make them healthy and them eating them! Melissa wouldn’t eat sandwiches and Mel only liked salami…oh my…what’s a mom to do? Well Melissa would take cottage cheese or yogurt, and crackers with cheese and Mel would have her salami on brown bread,there must be nutrition in there somewhere as they both are grown and healthy today!

One of their favourite snacks to take to school was this mix I’d make out of cereal like Chex or Cheerios, chocolate chips or mini m&m’s, popcorn,mini mallows, nuts, fish crackers….I would just mix it all together in a big container then package them up in baggies for their lunches and voila…snack time! I went big on the cereal and nuts and just enough chocolate chips that they’d get a few in each bag! They’d eat all the nuts just to get to the chocolate chips on the bottom! Try it, they’ll like it!

For the high school kids, it’s a whole new world,isn’t it? Last year they were the king of the hill, this year, minor niners!They have a big school to find all their classes. I remember worrying about will I make it on time to my classes? Will I get lost? I should have thought “when will I stop getting lost?” Not to worry Niners, it’ll all work itself out real soon! You’ll make so many new friends along the way that you will soon forget getting lost on your first day!

To all the kids going back to school, including my university nieces and nephews, good luck! Have fun and cherish these days as soon you’ll be a part of the working class and having a world of different stresses!

Study hard Kids!!

Sweet Marie



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