My Sweet Marie

Disabled Parking Spots

Posted on: September 2, 2012

Here in Canada, we have parking spots for the disabled. We mark these spots with blue or whites painting lines, perhaps even a wheelchair is stenciled in the blue or white to make it very obvious for people who the spot is intended for. Do you have this in your country? I know I’ve seen it in the U.S. and in Mexico too.

People requiring these parking spots must go through the red tape with their doctor and the ministry to get them. They do not hand them out in bubble gum machines so it is not our job to wonder why people have them, it is our job to park elsewhere if we don’t have the permit!

Never-the-less, there will always be a selfish, thoughtless and heartless individual who comes along and steals that spot because ‘they’ll only be a minute’ or ‘they’re just waiting for someone’. If you have done this in the past, know the next time that you do it, you are taking that spot from a vet who has shrapnel in his leg so that you’d have the freedom to park your car, or from a woman who is someone’s grand-mother and likely may fall on the way to the store because she had to park so far away.

On Friday I was with a woman who requires such a pass and as I was turning into a disabled spot, someone pulled into that spot ahead of us. He had no parking permit, he was only waiting on someone. My dear friend who is an army vet, got out of her car, walked over to him and gave him some grief for it. Did he move, you ask? No, he’s too selfish for that. We had to leave the store before she was finished shopping as she was tired from all the walking in the lot!

You may ask why not drop someone off at the door? Well, I’d answer that not everyone is able to be dropped off. Some people need protection at all times. In the time that you can go and park a car, they could wander off and get hurt or worse, fall while standing there waiting!

So, if you are blessed enough to be able to walk, park your car a bit farther next time and leave the disabled spots for those needing them. It’s not right, it’s disrespectful and incredibly selfish of you to use them unlawfully!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie


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