My Sweet Marie

Meme and her kiddies!

Posted on: August 27, 2012

You may have noticed that lately I haven’t posted many stories, or if I did, they were short! I have been very busy with my kiddies! I was the stand-in sitter for two weeks, for Melissa while Tasha was on holidays and well, that kept me quite busy! My game plan was to keep the kids really busy so we wouldn’t run into any problems, I forgot, they have way more energy than me!

We did splash pads, wading pools, Springbank park, my pool, visits to aunt Mel’s to play with Holly and Evie….we went to the gym, we did it all! Thank goodness it rained one day and we had to stay in and watch movies! I will forever be grateful for Blake’s naps too!

On Friday, we visited Aunt Mel,Holly and Evie! We were met by my sisters Marg and Monique and my mother! We had a patio picnic and we let the kids go wild! And wild they did! Marg and Monique spent a good chunk of time taking pics of it all, if you’re a Facebook friend, you’ve seen some of the pics! You will notice that Holly’s playhouse, something right out of the Hansel and Gretel storybook, is quite prominent in all the photos! That is because the kids love this house, it amuses them to no end!

If that wasn’t enough, on the weekend, we took care of Heidi and Blake so that Melissa and Dan could take a little reprieve in Toronto! We had some real chuckles but none better than when Blake stormed in my bedroom just as I was pulling up my underwear and he stated “Whoa, those are huge!” Ok I know my panties are bigger than Melissa’s but huge? Come on!! I noticed Denis couldn’t keep a straight face, really now!

And last Wednesday when I spent the day with Holly, we were playing in the backyard and I said “Careful Holly, I wouldn’t want you to fall and break a leg!”. Her reply was “Yeah cause we’ll have to get out the tape and glue!” What?? I thought I heard her wrong but no, that’s what she said!

Kids will say the funniest thing, without even knowing it, so pay close attention, a laugh is just around the corner!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie



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