My Sweet Marie


Posted on: August 20, 2012

Today my girlfriend Anita celebrates her 50th birthday! Anita and I have been friends since we went to St.Anne’s High School together, so that’s 36 years now! Wow, do I sound old saying that! We were always in the same math class where we would help each other out, some might call it cheating, we called it lending a hand! She was good at some parts and I at others, it only seemed fair!

Anita and I have done wine tours together, gone to broadway shows, we’ve been to Mexico together along with Paulette and the hubbies too! We’ve done quite a lot together and yet, we still love one another!

I remember one camping trip where we went with a whole gaggle of women, and one woman in particular was getting on my nerves, and it was Anita who got me to ‘calm down’! Sometimes we need a friend that can step in and wake us up! Anita is that friend to me!

Anita is also the friend that will laugh right along side me when I’ve done something so insanely silly that you can only laugh when these things happen! Paulette is usually involved in these scenarios as well!

Having Anita as my friend is like having a ‘sucky’ blanket, she’s always there to comfort me, warm me up or to wrap her arms around me when I need it! I love you Anita!

Bonne Fete Anita!

Sweet Marie


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