My Sweet Marie

There Was a Princess at Our Family BBQ

Posted on: August 19, 2012

Yesterday was the yearly family BBQ for Denis’ family. Marg and Steve were the generous hosts and according to Blake, there was a Princess at  our party! Marg’s son Brad, has a beautiful fiancée by the name of Meghan. She is one of those young women that has a natural beauty, perfect skin and gets away with minimal make-up and is just simply pretty!

Melissa and her gang had only been at the party a few minutes and Blake was still hanging close to Mommy. He leaned in close to her and pointed towards Meghan and asked if she was a princess. You see, Meghan is tall, blond and has stunning blue eyes and she was in a long dress. To Blake, that all equals ‘princess’!

It was the perfect day for a BBQ, the sun was shining and the temperature was just right. Everyone was in good spirits, the teen girls are all growing, two are headed for high school in two weeks, and the little ones getting taller, talking more and growing cuter by the minute! This is one place Blake has boy cousins and together they harassed poor Sadie (family dog) to no end!

Heidi enjoyed some Barbie time with Emily who shared a large portion of her Barbies with her! Heidi made out like a bandit with a case full of dolls and clothes, and a big shoe box of accessories! You’d think it was Christmas morning, the girl was so happy! I thought that was very generous of Emily. I guess she figures high school girls don’t play Barbies anymore!

The food was plentiful as usual, Louis went over the top with his appetizers! He thought he went gluten-free by making chicken, slamon and shrimp satays but they were all marinated in soy sauce(soy sauce has gluten in it)…drat, they looked and smelled  good! Louis is a good cook and I was dying for one of those! Good effort Louis, he did have the right intention! I believe my taco salad was a hit and as always there was the obligatory potato salad, this family enjoys their potato salad! Michelle brought her greek pasta salad, I couldn’t have it but I heard it was good! For dessert there were squares galore and Melissa brought her peanut butter cookies which were awesome, yes they were gluten-free!

After dinner a bunch of the crew headed to the park to play with the remote control cars with Steve. I hear that the little boys and big boys were having a good time with this and frankly, it was nice and quiet in the backyard while they were gone!

I think I’m now all caught up on the news. Let’s see…Brad is off to Japan for work biz, Rob will be back to school in two weeks, Emily and Mariette start high school soon, wedding plans for Brad and Meghan(princess) are on schedule for next August, Nicole is looking good and all is going well with the pregnancy, Lise and Joachim made it back safely from Morocco, Michelle was home safe and sound from her trip to Mariette’s in California and that folks wraps up the BBQ!

When we all were saying our good-bye’s, one last morsel was given by Blake, he said Bye-Bye Princess to Meghan, and with that a big giggle was had by all! A great way to end the day!

Happy Family picnic to you all!

Sweet Marie


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