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A Local Olympian-David Tremblay

Posted on: July 26, 2012

For the first time ever, I know someone who will be representing Canada at the Olympics and I couldn’t be more proud, go David!!! I’ve had a few close calls where we’ve had Londoners going and I knew someone who knew someone but this is my first time that I actually know the athlete! I do have to say though, I haven’t had any contact with this young man since he was just a little guy!

You see, when David was just a wee boy  I took care of him in my home while his mother toiled away at her seamstress shop and his father was teaching! This was when I lived in Stoney Point, Ontario and did day care in my home. He was such a little cutie,  always so busy and always wanting to wrestle with Justin (another of my charges)! We then moved to London and I lost touch with his family. Oh I would hear the odd good news of them and his accomplishments but when I heard he was going to the Olympics, I was just so proud of him!

David Tremblay, 24, will wrestle for Canada in the 55kg freestyle division at the  London Summer Olympic Games. He intends to be well-positioned to take care of each of his needs while in  merry old England.

David says he wants to go there compete. His event is slated for Aug. 10. David says “I don’t want to just go there and have fun. I want to go there and do my  best, in case this is my only Games, so I can always say that I performed well,  that I was there and I was a real competitor, not just a spectator.”

David was the first local athlete to punch his ticket to London when he  won his weight class at the FILA Pan American Olympic Qualifying Tournament in  March in Kissimmee, Fla. He’s recorded podium finishes in five of his last six international events. Be sure to look for him on Aug.10th!! To support David, go to

Whoever you are rooting for, I hope you are proud and take in as much of the Olympics as you can! Friday afternoon, I will be glued to tv looking for David and cheering on all of our Canadian athletes!


Sweet Marie


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Nicely done!!


jean Tremblay

Thanks Jean, nice to hear from you!

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