My Sweet Marie

Batman Massacre

Posted on: July 21, 2012

Just after midnight on July 21st, a young man dressed in black armor from head to toe, calmly walked in a side entrance to a Colorado theatre filled with people, there to view the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. He then tossed in two canisters of gas to stun the people, then oped fire on those trying to escape!

Twelve people were killed and 59 injured, all of the movie viewers scarred for life. James Holmes, a 24 year-old neuroscience grad, an intelligent man, a man who seemingly has no previous history of violence, emotionless while he KILLED these people. Do you wonder why? Do you wonder how? I sure do.

One of the young women killed was Jessica Ghawi, a 24 year-old aspiring sportscaster who had narrowly dodged death a month earlier in the Toronto Eaton Center Massacre! She was with a friend watching the movie together, he leaned over to apply pressure to the gunshot wound to her leg and she got shot again, this time fatally to the head. I cannot imagine his horror or the horror of all of the movie goers. These people were simply out to catch a flick together!

The other thing I try to remember is this young man, this brutal, emotionless man, has a family. He has a mother and a father. Put yourself in their shoes without judgement for just a minute. Would you not for a minute be thinking, dear Lord what could we have done to stop this? What did we miss? How could we have created and raised this monster? I really feel for them, I do and I pray that they won’t be judged or harmed because of their son’s actions. He’s a grown-assed man and definitely knows better.

I know he knows better a) because he has a BA in neuroscience, they don’t put those in bubblegum machines and b) he wore armor from head to toe. He had a bullet-proof vest on, throat armor, groin armor, leggings and an armor helmet. He knew exactly what he was doing.

There is rumour that he had coloured his hair red like the Joker, the villain in the Batman movies. There is no proof to this but still I find it disturbing. They put his mug shot in the Toronto Star and he’s actually smiling, what are you on Buddy?

To make matters worse, he rigged his apartment with explosives knowing he’d get caught and that the police would set them off when they entered. Luckily, somehow, they knew ahead of time. They evacuated the buildings nearby and sure enough, the apartment was riddled with soda bottles, explosives and wires everywhere.

Ironically, his neighbor from the floor below him had called the police to complain about the loud music coming from his apartment, but they said there had been a gunman open fire at the theatre so they couldn’t spare an officer to check out a minor noise complaint. She decided to go up and talk to him and found the door unlocked, and nobody answering but decided not to enter. She had a guardian angel working overtime right then and there! He had set the music to a timer, to go off when the massacre started. This was a well-planned plot of his. Luckily, she did not enter.

My heart goes out to all the families and friends of those deceased, those injured and for all those that attended the movie. They will all be affected and I pray for their peace, and I hope you all will join me in those prayers. To the family of the James Holmes, the gunman, I pray for you as well, that you may have answers and peace as well.

Deepest regards,

Sweet Marie


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